Brings New Meaning to "Popping a Wheelie"

Ron Fugle, also known as “Master Ron” – is definately a master at balloons! He is having a blast making balloons for the attendees of the conference. Here is my favorite so far…

Ron sitting on his balloon wheels…

Scott Nelsen from Harvest Publications took it for a spin too…

The difference between the men and the boys….
(there is no difference)

And, of course, I couldn’t resist burnin’ some carpet with these fancy wheels either…

Definately, a chick magnet!

Here’s a pic without the guys spoiling the view… some pretty fancy work there Ron!

All it needs is a black balloon jacket!

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  1. Ron! Wow! You RULE, dude! Awesome balloons! I had no idea. No idea you could do such cool stuff with those balloons! More! More pictures of the balloons!!!

  2. K,

    I’m sure you can do a balloon motorcycle for me–I’d like one in blue and white. Oh it’s gotta look like a dirt bike :0)

    M. Schanou

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