My favorite CPC booths….

My favorite thing about CPC has always been the exhibit hall! Where else can you buy a flying monkey!? (picture not available yet) But here are some of my favorite booths – NOT in order of favorite, so please, no hurt feeling by my exhibitor friends, they are in the order that I took them just to keep it random, and many favorites are not shown, because I missed taking a picture, or the booth was too packed due to be others’ favorite as well – so no hurt feelings if your booth is missing! (For many of them, click on the picture for their website)

My wife’s favorite booth… EVERY church needs one of these wonder machines!
This funny guy has had an effective ministry for years!

CEF, while one of the longest enduring ministies, has not always been known for being cutting edge (most known for their flannel graphs) so the flat screens and DVD players stopped me in my tracks! Looks like some good fresh things are happening.

Crosspoint / Centri-Kid is a ministry of Life Way, these guys also provided the eZone where the new site Kidology built was launched and featured at CPC.

The Harvest guys (Joe shown here) are great friends and partners with Kidology.

This team is AWESOME – we hope to add their stuff to Kidology soon!
These guys ROCK! Also, creators of Timbuktoons!

(now available in Kidology Store)

This is the most amazing couple, and I’m not referring to their magic! Their love for each other and the Lord is so evident in everything they do. I got to film a testimony for their up-coming promo DVD and I couldn’t say enough good about them! If you ever can have them at your church, JUMP at the opportunity, and give them more than they ask – for they often serve for much less than they deserve or could charge. Their biggest trick is packing so much heart and message into their amazing program! (and that’s a bonus quote not on the DVD!)

Faithful for so many years (since 1974), One Way Street continues to be the #1 place for puppets and other creative tools for ministry. This is Liz VonSeggen, founder with her husband Dale.

Rob Biagi (also available at Kidology) is ‘da bom’ right now in new upbeat music especially for preteen kids! Oh, yeah, that’s Shelly again… stalking Rob too. :)
Of course, I HAD to visit Speed Stacks and do some racing. I skipped the big kid and raced the little guy… he still beat me, but only by .03 seconds!

I think the secret is to stick your tongue out while stacking!

Eric has been helping churches gather VBS supplies to enhance their programs for years! Great site! He gathers props for all the major VBS kits and saves you the hunting. Check it out!
My Favorite Booth:

Was it the 252Basics curriculum? Nope, (though I am looking at that closely after some buzz on Kidology about it), it was the couch and candy!

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  1. Karl,
    Thanks for posting all these pictures. They let me feel a little as If I were there!
    I know the Lord will give me the possibility in the future.
    Many blessings!
    NAtalia from Argentina

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