Star Wars Photo Gallery LIVE

Star Wars Celebration Photo Gallery
is LIVE with 8 pages!!
There are 8 PAGES of pictures (click on thumbnails for larger images). There are a LOT of pictures (over 300) – most have been edited/cropped and the junk ones removed, but just put them all there so you can get a ‘feel’ for the event. A bunch of ’em have stories behind them… but you’ll just have to guess for now and ask later. There is no ‘order’ but in general they are in the order in which I took them over the whole event. (Though somehow the last picture became the first – go figure – when I did the automatic webpage export.)


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  1. It looks like you are having an awesome time! Enjoy your first Sunday “off”!

  2. I showed my son the pictures and told him that you were the one coming to visit next week. He is a huge Star Wars fan even though he’s only seen parts of the first three that came out. He’s excited that a fellow Star Wars fan is going to visit! And he can’t wait to see you beat the pants off of me in Speed Stacks.

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