Sitting in Episode III


12:01 a.m. showing and in the first ten in line!

Well, this is it! I am now sitting in the theater awaiting the beginning of the movie that will conclude a story I’ve followed since I was eight years old. I got to the theater at 7pm, but there were only 2 people in line, so I watched the politically correct (meaning the Christians were the blood thirsty idiots who got what they derserved) “Kingdom of Heaven” – but enough about that. After that, there were only 5 more people in line for SW, so I set up my Celebration III

chair and watched as the line steadily grew by the hundreds! My brother, Jordan, soon joined me along with Kidology board member Steve Clindaniel and his son Jonathan.

Of couse, a review will come soon, but no spoilers, I promise.

Well, between typing and visiting 30 minutes has passed and soon it will be dark…. in more ways than one. (if you sense my drift)

Hard to believe I am about to see it, I started counting the days at over 400!

Signing off now…. Meditate I must, prepare myself I must. Episode III about to see I am, talk like Yoda I must.

May the Force be with you.

UPDATE: Discussion of the movie (with possible spoilers) and my thoughts and others on whether this movie is for kids or not is available now at kidology. CLICK HERE

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  1. Hey Karl

    WHAT A GREAT MOVIE IT WAS!!!! I was there in spirit with you at 12:01. I watched it with 1500 other SW people. Now as I sit in my office getting ready for sunday I find myself lacking in vision or as yoda would say “Your lask of vision is very disturbing.” GREAT MOVIE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING IT AGAIN.

  2. Hey Pastor Karl… I caught you at the Century Theatre last night (Thurs) for SW3. I overheard you mention your website, so I thought I’d check it out. I’ve gotta say, the Jedi outfit was quite impressive!

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