You were like a brother to me!!!!

I, Kar-Dewbenobi, went to see Episode III again on opening night with about a dozen friends. Again, my brother Qui-Jar-Jordan went with me. However, we were glad to be first in line this time so that we would have first choice at our seats. It was several hours before the movie, I knew this would be a good trial for my young padawan brother. Test his patience it would.

Failed to notice, did I, my brother brought some dark side with him!

As I suspected, the trial proved to be too much. I could sense impatience growing within him. At some point, he said he wanted to be first in line, and I said no. I could see him getting angry. But I wanted to teach my younger brother patience. (and I wanted to be first) When he asked why, and Yoda’s “Ask not why” line failed to have the same effect on Qui-Jar-Jordan as it had on Luke, I explained that I bought the tickets, I drove, and I was the older more experienced Jedi. That seemed to set him off, without warning he pulled out some dark Sith lightening.

Turned to the Dark Side my brother has!

I’ll admit, I was caught off guard at first. This is after all, my little brother. Changed his diapers I have… but I was quick to gather what was left of the Force around us and defended myself. You should have seen the other people around us watching the fierce battle, at one point the power in the Century Theater went out!! (that is no joke!)

Powerful he has become… but no match for Kar-Dewbenobi!

I knew that this battle was pointless and would drag on for hours – strong he has become – so I force grabbed my trusty light saber to end this once and for all, of course crying out, “You were like a brother to me!” To which he responded, “No, I AM YOUR BROTHER!”

Who first in line will be? Always in motion the future is!

I used my saber to start to return his own dark powered lightening back at him. Having seen at the last showing what happens to someone who is getting their own force lightening pushed back at them, and considering he has a honeymoon to leave on next Friday, he reluctantly gave in, accepting his place as second in line.

Other than that little incident, we all had a great time.

As requested in comments, here is Sara and my sister Melissa in their Star Wars costumes:

Can you tell who is who??

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  1. Go back to work, already! :-)

    Too much time on your hands!

  2. I’m on a sabbatical, I don’t have to work until after Memorial Day. :)

  3. Where is the picture of me and Sara? We looked so cute!!

    I really had a great time on Thursday. It was great to see you and great to see Star Wars with you.

    See ya soon,

  4. Awwwww,thanks for posting our picture.


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