Front Row Seat!

Disappointed you didn’t get to go to Cedar Point? Well, now you can experience what it was like to sit in the FRONT ROW of several roller coasters!

The Dragster: Dragster Front Row Video (QuickTime 5.3 MB) This coaster reaches over 120MPH in under 4 seconds and takes you over 420 feet into the air and then straight back down in a twisting vertical plummet. AWESOME! In under 18 seconds you will have traveled over 2800 feet!

Magnum XL200: Magnum XL200 Front Row Video (QuickTime 21.2 MB) This historical coaster roars at 72mph with a first drop of 195 feet and the second 157 feet and travels for over 5000 feet!

The Mean Streak: Mean Streak Front Row Video (QuickTime 32.7 MB) Watch Pastor Karl and Pastor Jeff race in different cars AND GIVE A CONTACT “HIGH FIVE” WHILE RIDING this historic coaster made from over 1.7 million feet of wood! This coaster can accommodate 1600 passengers per hour! (correction, this was Gemini, Mean Streak below, will rename file later.)

The Raptor: Raptor Front Row Video (QuickTime 24.4MB) This lean mean keen green coaster leaves your feet dangling as you twist and turn through over 3700 feet and a 100 foot loop and drop 119 feet! Not for the faint of heart!

The Mantis: Mantis Front Row Video (QuickTime 20.7 MB) They really did a stand-up job designing this one! You’ll give this coaster a standing ovation! (whether you like it or not!) This WAY COOL coaster has you on your feet the whole time – literally!

I’m planning on making a Coaster Video eventually usuing these and the others I took, but hopefully these will give you a fun taste of Cedar Point! ENJOY and please post a comment if you watch them!

At Pastor Jeff’s Request, here are some more, including his favorite, Millenium Streak:
Millenium Streak Front Row Video (QuickTime 22MB)
Corkscrew Front Row Video (QuickTime 12MB)
Meant Streak Part 1 (QuickTime 17.5MB)
Mean Streak Part 2 (QuickTime 14MB)

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  1. These have been fun to watch! Thanks for sharing the experience. Tali thinks maybe she could handle a couple of those–I just think you’re either very brave or crazy (maybe both?). Have a great end of sabbatical–I’m sure your kids are anxious to have you back.

  2. Does Cedar Point still have the old wooden roller coaster along Lake Erie? I rode it 30 years ago and I think it was called the Blue Streak.

  3. Yes, the Blue Streak is there – but I didn’t ride it, it was waaaaaaaay far away from the rest of the rides, and i was told it wasn’t worth missing the newer ones, but I did see it on the way out. There just wasn’t time to get to it. Bummer!

  4. Miss Betsy Gecko

    Thank you so much for putting these coaster videos on your site. I am a coaster junkie that has had to watch others ride the past two years due to a car accident. I am praying that soon my neck will be made completely whole so that I can “fly” again. But for now, your videos really hit the spot!

  5. Great videos but I wish you could’ve got on white water landing since it’s demolished and skyhawk took it’s place as the new ride for 2006.

  6. Loved the videos. Some how i missed thise post in my bloglones back when you posted this. I must have had a heavy blog reading day and didn’t check it out.

    I am glad that I saw these though, very fun. I found them through Kidology, way to go Kidology.

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