Gas Prices Killin’ Ya?

Gas prices are nuts! I’m thinking of starting a new ministry: Gasaholics Annonymous. (GA for short)

“Hi, my name is Karl Bastian, and I am addicted to gasoline.”

Which is why, over a year ago, after seeing the prices, at that time, nearing $2.00, I sold my gas-eating trailblazer and got the PK Cruiser. I REALLY liked my TrailBlazer (especially the On Star On Board) but every time I gas up I am so glad I jumped the tank.



Another gas-related story… while on sabbatical, we drove thousands of miles, so were often in the hunt for good gas prices… then one day, we saw a sign off the side of the road:

GAS 4 LESS?!?!?!

We did a U-TURN and headed back!

WOW! These were SUPER PRICES!!!
I sped into the station only to see:

I guess there prices were just to good to be true…. it was an old out-dated sign.

Well, if you are depressed over gas prices – COMMENT BELOW and give us your city/state and what the price is there. We aren’t to $3.00 yet, but it is getting close. I got $2.77 yesterday and felt pretty lucky!

It may just give you an idea on how you can save money on gas!

GAS VIDEO (1.4MB Windows Media Player)

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  1. Have you heard of gas prices in Canada? We’re priced at CAD 1.02 per liter, so converted to US dollares per gallon is around $3.24!

    I’d be the happiest guy to get gas in America. He he.

  2. 2.61 in Corvallis, OR but we’re getting ready to move to Thunder Bay, ON so I guess we’re going to have to brace for higher prices!

  3. I just drove to Minnisota and back. The cheepest price I saw between McHenry, IL and Minniapolis was $2.64.

    I’ve filled up my tank at least three times in the last 24 hours! OUCH!

  4. Yeah, when Kell and I went on our litle road trip into New York, the cheapest we paid in the states was 2.65 in Cooperstown. Then, it was back to those horrid Canadian prices!

  5. We’re looking at 2.80 for the cheap stuff..some places over 3.00 for premium here in Cali.

    BTW, I love the backwards 4 in your picture of cheap gas. Quality workmanship!

  6. We are around $2.85 here in the D.C. area

  7. Chicago has the highest gas prices in the nation right now, primarily due to the additional taxes placed on fuel. It’s like $3.20 or so down the street.

  8. did anyone watch the video?!?!??!!? no one commented on it, and it is hysterical!

  9. HAHA. That video was hysterical! I wonder if you could train a trunk-monkey to do the same thing?

  10. The video was funny enough that I made my roomate pause her movie to see it. Gas is very very close to 3.00 for regular now! Ouch! The best I saw today was 2.95!!

  11. WELL, we are official over $3.00 in Chicago, I got $3.09 yesterday. :( the end of the world is near.

  12. It’s $3.25 in my town… up the road in Atlanta it was above $5 in some places. Price gouging at its best.

  13. It’s up to over 1.30 per liter up here in Toronto in some places. Do the conversion. Not Good. Kell and I gassed up at 1.02 right after Katrina hit. Luckily, we don’t have to drive much up here, so that tank will last us until we leave in October.

  14. Everyone should start checking out the vegetable oil cars.

  15. I’m pushing 3.30 here in Cali. Good thing I get around 328 mpg.

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