Cubs Fan, or Sox Fan? THAT is the Question?

I am seriously contemplating changing from a CUBS fan, to a SOX fan. Yeah, yeah, I know… fair weather fan! BUT, I’m not saying i will change just for the World Series… if i switch, i SWITCH! (like with my Mac Switch)

I’ve been asking myself, WHY am i a Cubs fan???

Well, good question. Mostly because my grandfather was and took me to games as a little kid, BUT he usually took me when they played California teams (since i was visiting from CA when we went) and I cheered for the opposing team much to his frustration. Secondly, because, my little brother Jordan Bastian is a HUGE Cubs fan, and I like to support my brother.

But last weekend at my Grandma’s 90’s birthday party, there was my brother wearing a SOX cap!!!

(these shirts were father’s day and bro birthday gifts from Sara and me)

So, I asked myself, if it wasn’t for my Grandpa and my traitor brother, WHY would I be a Cubs fan??? If I were to pick a team on my own, not being a huge baseball fan, I’d probably pick the Sox.


Because they wear black and white, which is very cool, and my favorite color combination to wear. Oh, yeah, and the little fact that they WIN GAMES!

I still do not own on article of White Sox clothing, unless you count my white socks, but if i buy a hat or shirt, it will be a significant thing. Normally, I don’t let a passing fad impact my shopping.


  • If you are a Cubs fan…. why should I stay loyal to the Cubs when my grandfather is gone (may he rest in peace) and my own brother betrays his team?
  • If you are a Sox fan… tell me why I should switch? Because if i switch, I will switch for the good and the bad, not just during the World Series. These games have been AMAZING to watch, and I’ve been very impressed. Lure me over, I’m close!
  • Use the comments below to sound in! (Cubs fans may feel free to use the anonymous feature)
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  1. Blood is thicker than water…stay true to Gramp’s team. Uncle Wilson said Kenny Hobbs is crying from heaven, too. Where is your loyalty? You can root for the Sox and still be true to the Cubs. Ernie Banks stuck with them all those years…why can’t you? I like the Angels and still am rooting for the Sox but I’m not switching allegiance. And to think , you’d be doing it the year Ryno goes in the Hall of Fame!!!!! Unthinkable!

  2. Yo Bro,

    I’m no traitor. The Cubs are my favorite team. Always will be. Sometime I’ll explain why I haven’t been a Sox fan since 1993 to you. I was a HUUUUGE Sox fan up to that point and always wore Sox hats when I was a kid (as well as Cubs hats). I liked both. You may consult old kid picture of me as evidence. For my first column for the Herald-Palladium I explain why Cubs fans should think it’s OK to cheer on the Sox. I’ll send you a copy. Until then…Go Sox! Believe me, the day the Cubbies win the World Series it’ll be 10 times crazier in Chicago than it is right now.

  3. Karl, Why can’t you have a favorite AL team as well as a NL team? Of course I was always a GIANTS fan and an A’s fan. For me becoming a SOX fan has to do with my son playing for the SOX in Little League since moving to Chicago area. I haven’t given up on my A’s, just that they have let me down too many times in the ’88, ’89, & the ’90 WS. (long story, ’88 lost to dodgers [BARF]’89 beat my beloved GIANTS, ’90 lost to Reds) So maybe now the Sox can be my new AL team. The fact is, I’m a fan of BASEBALL! Things happen that change our perspective, like for you Karl, the Sox going to the WS! Fun isn’t it? Be a Sox fan Karl, you don’t have to give up on your CUBS to be a SOX fan. I think it’s silly that Cubs fans are so hostile towards the other home team. You have the capacity to be both! GO SOX!!!! (fun huh?)

  4. GO FOR IT! I’ve been a Sox Fan from birth, born and raised. My father died when I was young and most of my memories of him revolve around the Bears or the Sox so I’m pretty attached and will never make the switch (Though I do want to get a Mac!).

    Hey, the Sox are just plain cooler than any other team out there!

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  6. Well honestly you should pick whatever team you really want but as a TRUE Cubs fan i say stick to the roots and get drunk…LOL. When you become a real fan of a sport you dont switch like a pancake you stick to it no matter if the other team is winning. Thats why i always say that Sox fans dont really have true fans dont get me wrong, of course they have their die hard fans but US Cub fans dont play like that and no matter if they won or loose were still there and always will be. And that is a true fan but you can only choose the team that you can really cheer for and since you cant make your mind up of who to choose than youre a sox cuz we know where we stand no questions asked.

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