MLB = Major League Brother!

Last week had my brother on the home page as Headline #3….

Well, today, he is HEADLINE #1! It was his FIRST POST as the official Blue Jays beat writer for Of course, this big brother is proud, and so glad I taught him sooooo much about baseball!

Best part is, y’all can send him e-mail questions about the Blue Jays! Like:

  • Why do Canadian teams get to play as part of the American league when they AREN’T AMERICANS!!
  • Are Blue Jays allowed to Jay Walk in Toronto?
  • Do they feel Blue when they lose?
  • Do they bring home Canadian bacon to their wives?
  • Who’s on first? What’s on second? (I don’t know on third)

and other deep and profound questions about his team.

(this is just an image, if you are trying to type up there! you need to go to his article)

Anyway, I’m proud of my litl’ bro – like me – he reached ten year career goals right out of college… pretty fun! That only means that there are even greater things ahead… but for now he is excited to get PAID to watch and write about baseball (and eat, sleep, and dream about it too) Someday, I hope he gets to be the Chicago Cubs beat writer… not only would that be cool, but at least they actually ARE Americans! (in the National League, granted.)


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  1. Now if Jordan would use a real blog system once again, we’d all be able to keep up with his adventures :) (Hint, get an RSS feed!)

  2. Bookmark and check it every once in a while. … then sign up for the RSS feed at Problem solved! I put all the blogs I check in a little folder in favorites, then every morning and evening I go down the list and look for anything new. Genius!

  3. See, that’s where you miss out on making it easy for the reader. I might as well read someone else’s blog :)

    Just integrate your old Blogger blog into your existing design and you are set.

  4. I just wanted to point out that Jordan’s big sis, Melissa, took the picture that you have on your blog there Karl. I think that there needs to be credits for the photographer. :-)

    Later guys,

  5. Hey! What’s wrong with Canada? Since I’ve moved up here, you have to admit it’s a much more attractive country :-)

  6. yeah, because your wife and kids are there. :-)

  7. OK, I’ll have to give you that.

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