How To Waste Time Online…

OK, I have a zillion things to do today, prepare for two Kids Church services, a combined Sunday School, and pack and prepare to leave after church for a week at the Children’s Pastor’s Conference in California. (posts on that will be made live at CPC!)

So much to do, and not enough time to do it all… so what do I do? Get sucked into a stupid website from a link from a link from my sister’s blog….. claims to have state of the art face recognition software that will tell you who you look like. You just upload a picture and wa-la! Here is what famous person you look like. If you don’t like the results, you just click to see the next one. OK, so I wasted five minutes checking it out…. here are my results:
Ok, this was the first one. Don’t know who this guy is, but hey, not too bad I suppose. Winsome smile… maybe I should grow a little beard? At least it wasn’t Shrek the website picked as my look-a-like, but I decided to try another…. after all… it only takes a click…

This was a much better result…. my wife will be happy to know I am a dead ringer for Hugh Grant. Though I do need to grow my hair out a bit to get that floppy tossled look. So far so good…. another click…

Carl Sagan? Please. A little old… a little dead… maybe it was going on the name?? But it is spelled wrong. I didn’t like the direction this was going, but I decided to try just ONE MORE CLICK:

FINALLY! A DEAD ON PERFECT LOOK ALIKE! Right after CPC I will start my modeling career! But I definately have the look!!

Go on…. it ok…. you know you want to try it…..

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Karl Bastian is the founder of, the creator of, and the author of His personal website is He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.


  1. Hmmm…how to waste time online,eh? How about “how to get in trouble with your wife when she thought you were doing something VERY IMPORTANT that was pulling you away from packing your blankety-blank SUITCASE!!!!!”

  2. HAHAHAHA, you are so busted!!

    I was wondering what link of a link you found this on?

    Glad you like Tricia’s hair. It’s soooo cute and grown up.

    Have a great time packing.

  3. Yeah, you should be packing.

    Then again, so should I :)

  4. Ok, Karl, I went to that website and put my picture in and here is who they say I look like and I’m not kidding.

    #1 match was Jodie Foster
    #2 Condoleeza Rice
    #3Mariah Carey
    #4 Katie Holmes
    #5 Shirley Temple
    #6 Charles Bronson (This one scared me)
    #8 Anne Frank
    #9 Lucille Ball

    I got a good laugh out of this. Thanks.


  5. O.k. it’s new years. I’m bored. I’m not allowed to work. so I tried it. here it is:
    Jane Birkin
    Sandra Bullock
    Katie Holmes
    Sarah Michelle Geller
    Courtney Cox
    Janica Kostelic
    Uma Thurman
    How funny is that!!!!!!!!!!!!tee hee. thanks for the laugh!
    Shelly Sexton

  6. I am so glad you have found your true calling in modeling!

    I was pleased to find out that my #2 match was Albert Eisnstein. That has confirmed what I’ve believed all my life. Some other matches included Arnold (The Governator!), Jim Cary, Matthew LeBlanc, and Sean Connery. Now I have to check out my entire family! Thanks for giving me something to get in trouble with my wife over, as well :-)

  7. A few days ago, the writer I worked with this summer IMed me to tell me he finally figured out who I looked like: Frodo Baggins! So I did this myheritage thing and I got one male celebrity match: Elijah Woods, who played Frodo. I was really hoping that didn’t happen. I look like a hobbit. Thanks for the Web site jerk!

  8. Well, my wife just did the myheritage thing and she is now officially hot! Not that she wasn’t before, but now I have some stupid Web site to verify it for me. Here were kell’s results:

    1. Jennifer Lopez
    2. Mariah Carey
    3. Naomi Watts
    4. Kate Winslet

    And she didn’t get any male results! Woohoo! I married a hottie! Ha ha ha.

  9. Get thee behind me Karl!! I have enough problems wasting time on the internet! But then I did draw
    Tom Cruise
    Colin Ferrel

    I also tried it with my billy-bob teeth in and pulled:

    John Wayne
    Mother Theresa

    I just about fell on the floor laughing!!

    Hope you had fun at CPC!

    Brett Belleque

  10. In reply to Sara’s comment, I can totally relate! I have to ask the same question on a regular basis. “I’m doing research he says!” Sure, Sure!

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