Life is CRAZY!

Seriously, if it wasn’t for the kids… I’d go nuts!

Man, I have not had time to blog. I’ve been sick for weeks, (still recovering!) I’ve been to California to do some speaking at Christian schools about Order of the Ancient, organized and pulled off a 4-6th grade winter retreat with over 450 kids/leaders, church family event (tonight!), had family visit, all the regular church stuff plus special Sunday evening programs (Lego Nites! during the adult small groups 40 day adventure), got a new computer (MacBook Pro) and been working on a total rebuilding of our church’s website (launching soon) and am behind on a zillion other things and leaving for Kansas City CPC on Monday morning… but to prove I am alive to all those e-mailing me and thinking I must be dead if I don’t blog…. here are a few pictures from the past few weeks… I hope to do some longer posts soon. LOTS of fun and exciting stuff happening… just no time to reflect or write about them right now. But if you are going to CPC/KC be sure to drop by the eZone and say hello!

Fun to have nephew and neice along on the retreat!
(Perk for parent sponsors, kids otherwise too young get to come!)

Got to hang with my dad a bit – he was in town on ministry business from OCI. You can see the MacBook Pro box in the pic!

My new Mac arrived and I dropped by church to get it!

It is a beautiful thing – slim and light. (though the new power supply is a tad huge!)

Can you believe my wife accused me of loving my Mac too much? I will post about its charms later… now I have to get to all those e-mails I am behind on!

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Karl Bastian is the founder of, the creator of, and the author of His personal website is He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.


  1. Maybe she’s right…na…Nice Mac…for Kid U I will bring you a new apple that I bought for you as a gift! I couldn’t help but share it, I’ve been waiting for ever to tell you!


  2. Hey Karl, what have you done with your old MAc??Is It on sale?

  3. What is up with all the chickens?

  4. Aliison, you are very observant! I read your post and was like, “huh?” then studied the post… the chicken are because we were at Egg Harbor, a reastaurnt with a ‘country/more like/ chicken theme’ lots of chickens everywhere!!!

  5. Interesting. Is that resturant in Barrington? If it is is I will have to take my friends there sometime. I have a long running minor obbession with chickens, including a small collection of rubber chickens.

  6. If you like chickens, you’ll LOVE Egg Harbor. Here is a link to all the Chicagoland locations:

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