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One of the things I am hopin’ to start doing soon is offering Kidology workshops online. I’ve already been invited to join the faculty of Children’s Ministry University Online, and am teaching my second course right now. (And will be teaching the “Pastoring Children” course for those who sign up before April 1st – join me!)

My goal is to help provide online training 24/7 for children’s workers anywhere in the world who have access to the Internet. I’ve been kinda dabbling it in a little already. I put my Raising Rock Solid Kids classes online on my church CM website and have been encouraged to find out how many people are using those. A children’s pastor in Michigan told me today he has been converting them to MP3s to listen to on the road. (He has offered to send me the MP3s and I’ll add them to the site) You can check those out at:

I also just converted my first conference workshop to an MP3 file. Earlier this month I had the opportunity to minister at OCEA 2006. The only strange thing was that the company that did the recording put a 5-10 second gap every ten seconds in the recording, and ironically, often it was a key phrase that got chopped off. However, one of the nice new features of the MacBook Pro is that you can click one button and record audio, so I ‘patched’ the gaps with the missing lines. You will hear the brief ambient noise change, but the content is here. Below is a link to this workshop, Kidology 101.

This workshop is my favorite, in that it is my ‘core’ workshop on my philosophy of ministry: RELATIONAL ministry. Plus, the room was also PACKED with standing room only, so there was great energy in the room and it was refreshing to be in a place so full of fellow children’s ministers so eager to learn and be challenged. Feedback from the conference is available in the Kidology forum where I also linked all my powerpoints and workshop handouts for those interested.

I’d love have some feedback on the MP3 link below. More specifically, on whether a regular source of workshops like this would be helpful to children’s workers, how you listen to it, whether a podcast would be desired, etc. I am convinced Kidology needs to provide online training – the ideal format / delivery options is still in discussion. Your feedback will influence the direction we go.

Let me know! Enjoy the workshop!

KIDOLOGY 101: Effective Relational Ministry to Kids (75MB, so be patient! But it should stream if you just click on it.)
As presented at OCEA 2006.

Looking forward to your feedback!

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Karl Bastian is the founder of, the creator of, and the author of His personal website is He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.


  1. Hey Karl!

    Groovy stuff… I’m really hoping for more time to catch up on all this great training.

    How does the CMU class work? Is there, like… *gasp*… homework? My workload is incredibly humongo right now, but if this CMU thing was something that I could do in my own time and didn’t add a lot of deadlines or stress, I would love to take it from you!

  2. there is some reading, and you have to be involved in a local church CM (i think you are) and you interview a CP (easy for you i would think) but overall, it is ‘anytime, anywhere’ and not to hard. the classes are online with audio and visual slides…. hey, it doesn’t get any easier than CMUO! plus it is accredited!

    GO FOR IT!

  3. I’d LOVE to know if anyone listened to the workshop, what they thought etc, before i invest any time in making more.

    Let me know, thanks!

  4. Karl-

    I listened to it (yes, I listened to all 1 hour and 3 minutes of it) and thought you did a good job. Even though I have been in a room where you went over most of this before (CPC 2002?), I thought the content still translated well in audio only.

    I was still able to get ahold of your passion and I know that it “re-stirred” some of my feelings for ministry to kids as well.

    I was able to follow along and although I didn’t look at the notes till the end, it was also nice to kow that they were available.

    I also believe that this medium has lots of potential locally and globaly. Locally for those in your church and those already “tied-in” to children’s Ministry. Globaly by exposing others to the importance of Children’s Ministry. (free download on iTunes?)

    On a personal note – it was nice to see how it came thru as my summer project is to get some teacher “training” stuff online at our church for our workers to download. It’s been tough making sure everyone gets the same info when people miss meetings nad stuff.

    thanx for making it avilable. And thanx for loving the kids and equipping others who love them too!

  5. I downloaded and listened to the workshop…outstanding! This is a tool that should be in the hands of CP’s and teachers everywhere!

    Only one tiny thing, O, Jedi Knight: you referred to the cartoon “PowerPuff Girls” as “PowderPuff Girls.” There was actually an episode that addressed this very mixup in names (yes, I saw it :-)
    On the other hand, your comments about being relevant and relational are right on the mark! When a little girl put her PowerPuff Girl lunch box on the counter, I correctly identified Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup. The girl and her mom stared at me with open mouth amazement that this 40+ guy knew which one was which! It was pretty funny, but it also opened the door to share about more important matters.
    So keep up the good work, brother!

  6. Oooh! Oooh! I wanna be Blossom! Pick me to be Blossom! Pick me, pick me!

    Okay, so far the class sounds like it’s right up my alley, Karl. But I’m still wondering about the homework. Me no likey homework. Have enough of it already, with Moody Northwest classes and all.

    Also, is there a “Finish” date for the class, an end of semester – or is it more of a Work-at-Your-Own-Leisure-in-Your-Underwear type deal (underwear being optional)?

  7. CLick around CMUO site, a lot of the questions are answered. If you are taking Moody classes, you might be good for now. But you get 120 days to complete a class.

    Course information and registration can be found at

  8. I’m excited about the expanding ways that your training is going to be available.

    Now, take a break, get away, chill out, and re-charge.

    Hey, I need to do that!

    Love, Dad

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