This Old Church – Part 3: No Going Back Now!

Well, there is no going back now! The walls have been touched with paint, something they have been needing for a very long time. Now that I see how much it improves the atmosphere, even in the earlier stages, I am feeling bad that I didn’t start this sooner!

We are actually doing TWO major projects at the same time, but all in the hallways. The preschool wing is getting a blue base color, but will be mostly covered with murals as we create a Spring garden that is inviting to preschoolers. (Especially in winter!) The blue that remains after the murals will be the sky.

The difference is amazing! The current paint job on the walls and doors in the children’s ministry wing hasn’t been touched up in at least eight years (when I started working here) and was actually kinda gross in many places if you bothered to look closely. Amazing how blind we become when a place we love becomes ‘home.’ Hopefully, our new look will make it more inviting for others to make this their church home.

Kelly green? (Our preschool director, Kelly, dressed to match the project!) The door and window frames are being done in a light green, with the actual doors even lighter. There will still be murals incorporated into the doors, but we hope the green adds to the ‘outdoor’ look as well as add a calmin/soothing feel to ofset the busyness of the murals to come!

In the grade school wing we are trying to create a street in Bible times. We use DiscipleLand curriculum and so we want to create a literal “Disciple Land” where the children are immersed in the time they are studying.

My wife has many hidden talents. Unlike her husband, one of them is painting bricks. :) So far she has painted several hundred and managed to keep smiling at me! (That may be a talent too!)

Turning boring, old, peeling, yucky doors into wood grained doors from Bible times not only looks awesome, but prevents needing a perfectly restored surface to paint. In an old building, that is a blessing. (and a tip!)

Many church people are coming by to help to, BUT (if you are from VCB) we NEED more help! Come join the fun and excitement! What a treat to be able to say later, “I was a part of that!”

Even kids are getting in to the project. (though in spurts!) I think in time they will really appreciate that they were part of creating this Bible times environment! It’s awesome that they are able to contribute since we don’t need perfect painters, but willing painters to help lay the base colors for the artists to follow and do their magic!

To short to reach that high spot? Zaccheus climbed a tree…. Mandy climbed a pastor! :)

WHAT?!?!?!? NO DROP CLOTH!!! Hey, I wanna keep my job. Fortunately, new carpet is in the budget this year! The green carpet is original from decades ago! That’s one of the reasons we are pushing hard on this project, once the new carpet goes in, it would be harder to paint and remodel!

Steve, Kidology’s Web Director, came by today to meet with me while I painted. (Multi-taking always!) Here he is explaining a few of the finer points of Star Wars lego.

This is the dungeon where we will put the bad kids in shackles until they memorize Bible verses to be released. (this is a joke, fyi!)

Here is a taste of what it will look like when we are done. Though the bricks are just the base, there is a LOT more coming! Stay tuned to THIS OLD CHURCH!

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  1. Hmm, the wife has painted more than a few hundred bricks. Last night I calculated that the bricks are 12 high, and as i counted out different areas of hall, i figured that I’ve passed the 1,000 mark. Do I get a medal? Trophy? Backrub at least? It’s been fun to be at church and see the transformation happen bit by bit.

  2. I still think that the LEGO Death Star is a ripoff with the “removable laser”… c’mon! But the Kids’ Church area is looking nifty… or maybe all those fumes are getting to my head.

  3. Wow! I can’t wait to come see for myself!!

  4. Wow, that is really cool! I think the girl in the back left in that last picture is the girl who taught me how to speed stack at Kid-U!

  5. Allison, you are right. That’s the girl…she’s my daughter…and she was really thrilled that you mentioned her teaching you Speed Stacks in that Kid U blog. :) How fast can you stack now??

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