This Old Church – Part 4: ICE AGE 2

All done for the week….. and exhausted.

Spring Break is over. Though, I’m not sure there was a whole lot of ‘break’ in it, but we did take time this evening for a much needed break and went and saw ICE AGE 2!

Kelly, our preschool director at her post!

My sister Melissa came to paint today…

along with Tricia…

and Parker.

had lunch with a movie star! (among others)

and then it was off to see ICE AGE 2. ICE AGE (1) is my favorite animated movie so I have been very much looking forward to ICE AGE 2… I’ve seen the trailor a zillion times.

While I’m disappointed that there was at least one profanity that I caught and a little bit tacky humor about a donkey’s other name… overall it was fun, hysterical even. Of course, my favorite scenes are ANY scenes with Scrat, the prehistoric squirrel with nothing but bad luck in his quest for the elusive acorn. They are so well done and never fail to cause a laugh!

You just love to feel this guy’s pain as he keeps tryin’ for that acorn! Parents will want to correct a few minor things, but in general this movie is wonderfully entertaining, and the few mild references to evolution are easily corrected. (and less prominent than much of what is taught in school!)

This Old Church takes the weekend off, and resumes next MONDAY!! I’ll keep updating with new pics as it progresses! Until then, GO SEE ICE AGE 2!

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  1. Personally, I think that you’ll start to see Hollywood realize this year that they can’t just crank out any CGI film and hope for it to be a success. This will be the year of the dud. Studios just don’t “get” that it’s the story, not the medium. Glad to hear that you liked the film for the most part, however. Let’s see what happens when “The Wild,” “Over the Hedge”, “Happy Feet”, “Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties”, and even “Cars” roll out. :)

    Man, those hallways look clean now!

  2. I thought both ICE AGE films had good story and GREAT humor, both verbal humor and incredible visual humor. The theater was PACKED and there was three lines for advance tickets… that surrised even me, but it was nearly sold out by lunch time.

  3. Hey those are some cute kids there. We really had fun painting with you and can’t wait to see the finished product. Love being at the same church with you.

    The little sis,

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