Baby Luke Goes Camping!

Well, it was time for our third annual Children’s Ministry Leadership Team / Kidology Staff Camping Trip! Starved Rock, Illinois was the destination this time. This week away from cell phone, e-mail and Internet each year is a wonderful break for me! And… it was Luke’s FIRST time camping!

A family at church was nice enough to loan us their RV so that Luke didn’t have to suffer in a hot tent, and with temperatures in the high 80’s and 90’s all week, it was GREAT to have an air-conditioned RV… it also meant we had lots of visitors often as well:

A bunch of happy campers enjoying Luke…. or the air-conditioning? (ok, both!) but my favorite is always the evening camp fires. Luke took right to it!

We feared that camping would be rough on the boy, but he seemed to enjoy it alot. Never cried and was sooo easy going. Of course, there were lots of kids and big friends constantly giving him attention and love.

Here is Baby Luke in his swing… and he LOVES to swing!

Mom with Luke ready for some evening singing around the camp fire.

Dad enjoys playing the guitar and leading singing…. here is Luke helpin’ out. One of our camping traditions is that every family puts on a skit on the last night. For our skit, Sara and I were humble farmers until a meteor crashed nearby. (Luke in an orange cooler with a flashlight!) I tried to get him out and was thrown back due to his amazing strength. Sara gets him out ok and we decide to adopt him despite his super powers!

Can we keep him?

That’s one super kid!

Luke slept near the window and enjoyed watching the morning crew work on breakfast in the morning…

And the visitors who would come to the window!

And was Dads excuse to sleep in every day!

But all good things must come to an end, so we loaded up the mini-vans and headed home. It was another great week of camping, and we are looking forward to next year!

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  1. Love the pic of Luke looking out the window. Too Cute!! Looks like you all had fun.


  2. Thanks for bringing the ‘refrigerator car’ on the camping trip. It provided great relief to those of us who were brave enough to truly rough it in a tent. Luke was the BEST camping baby ever. He could have taught some other campers (not our group) what it means to BE QUIET in the campground! Thanks to everyone who worked hard on the trip to make it a success, we certainly sweated it out together!

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