Steve Tanner is my Inspiration!

My Smoke Detector Adventure
(Inspired by Steve Tanner)

You may not realize it, but my inspiration to blog came from my friend and now Kidology Web Director, Steve Tanner. His forum homepage is at but all the conversations end up at the Tannerworld Junction. There you can read about… well, just about anything. From beverage reviews to bathroom hand dryer advertising to the Trash Cans of DisneyWorld to his new toothbrush to the history of Dorito’s logos or watch Star Wars as an animated GIF! It’s all there among thousands of the other 13,547 posts Steve has posted to date!

But this week, his inspiration went to all new heights and INSPIRED ME! It was his latest edition of This New Tanner Condo. (Changing the Smoke Detector!)


I was so inspired, I decided that I needed to blog my own adventure with a smoke detector. My smoke detector wasn’t broken, but it has needed a new battery for awhile now. So here is the blog record of my ADVENTURE this evening. I’d like to dedicate this post to Steve Tanner.

Here is my upstairs smoke detector. It has been disconnected for several months. (My wife claims it is several years… but saying several months would still be true, and it doesn’t sound as bad.) You see, while my smoke detector is wired in, the battery was low and started beeping in the middle of the night several years, er, months ago, so in a sleeping stupor I ripped it from the ceiling and tossed it behind my bedside table and went back to sleep. There it lay for… MONTHS until I read Steve’s post!

I was ready for an ADVENTURE!First, I went and got a new battery! WOW!

Then, I tested the battery on my tongue to make sure it was good.

Next, I strapped on my gear and climbed up the stepping stool…

Hmmmmmm….. how to install the battery.
Strange and Disturbing this mystery is.

But nothing this master mechanic can’t handle!
(At least I didn’t need to call my dad!)


Now wasn’t that EXCITING?! Aren’t you so glad I blogged this? For more fun and exciting posts be sure to visit TODAY!
(Seriously, it is a great discussion forum!)

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Karl Bastian is the founder of, the creator of, and the author of His personal website is He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.


  1. Hardy har har! :)

    At least you have a safer house now!

  2. karl, that was toooo funny!! thanks for the laugh. Makes me wonder, hmmmmm, how are my smoke detectors doing.


  3. that was so funny!!!!
    thank you

  4. How long did this take you?

  5. RE: How long did this take you?

    Now there’s a loaded question. :-)
    10 minutes to change the light,
    15 minutes to blog it.
    47 seconds to respond to this comment. :-)

    but ya do gotta take some time to have fun once in a while. :0)

  6. Yes, our house is safer! I’ve been waiting and waiting for Karl to fix this! So if nothing else, at least after YEARS! we can rest assured the upstairs is safe!

  7. How many children’s pastor’s does it take to change a light bulb…errr…smoke detector…

    (oh, never mind…!)

    P.S. By the way, where’d you get that cool battery collection box?


  9. RE: ….that cool battery collection box?

    I think I got it at Wal-Mart. But the really cool thing is that little black thing at the top opens and there is a battery tester which tells you how strong the battery is and whether to toss it or not. Great for when you find batteries around the house and wonder how good they are!

    This post just keeps getting more and more exciting!

  10. Why would you need the battery tester when you’ve got your tongue??? :-)

  11. They also have the cool battery thing at Costco or they used to at least. Also, I remember as a kid Karl having me “test” a battery for him. It was quite electrifying (spelling?). He didn’t tell me what I was doing he just said, “here, put this on your tongue.” Being the good little sister I did as I was told because I trusted my big brother never to hurt me or lead me astray. Thanks for the memory big brother. :-)

    Love ya,

    PS. Have you gotten this many comments ever on your Luke Blogs? Just curious.

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