Luke, by popular demand!

And now for our greatest source of joy in life…. Baby Luke! By popular demand, here are some recent pictures of our little boy. Enjoy!

Mr. Smiles greets every day enthusiastically!

Luke newest feat…. sucking on his feet!

Yech! Must have been some lint between my toes!

Daddy likes to torture me with poses HE thinks are funny.

I’d be cute even if I was a girl, or a Bible character!

Daddy let me listen to a little of Star Wars Clone Wars on his video iPod!

Now the video iPod is MINE! MINE! MINE!

What’s better than one of me? FIVE of me!!

Hey! This is MY DEW!! Git yer own!!


Please continue to pray for Luke’s adoption proceedings. We’ve now had Luke for over five months and as you can see, we’re crazy about him! The adoption is not yet final, and while there are some good signs, there are also some significant needs for prayer this month, so please lift this little guy up in your prayers! Luke appreciates it! (and we do too!)

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  1. That last picture is HYSTERICAL!!!

  2. Oh my gosh those dew pictures are too funny. He looks like he is at a rock concert in the last one. Yelling, “Rock on Dewd.”

    Love all the pics . Thanks for sharing.

    Love ya,

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