Baby Luke’s Adventure at Kid U Ohio!

Luke and Dad hangin’ out and roaming around the conference.

Well, it was a crazy weekend but a lot of fun. There are still lots of pictures to go through, but since Luke was so excited to go to his second Kid U, I thought I’d post some pictures of his adventures. I had NO idea how many of the attendees would be greeting him by name as they arrived. I guess more people read my blog than I knew! So, by popular demand, here are some more Baby Luke pics:

Too Sexy for my Shirt! (Kid U morning at the hotel)

Me and My New Bear! (Gift from Pastor Kim!)

Awana be in Awana! (Awana my diaper changed too!)

As you can see by Baby Luke’s Awana Uniform, he is a big fan of Awana. (This Commander uniform was hand made for him by Commander Teri at Village Church!) I think he signed up at least three new churches for Awana while working their booth!

Star Struck with Mary Rice Hopkins. (or is it the spotlights?)

Mary Rice Hopkins held him while singing a beautiful song about babies. He got a little star struck – it was rather funny – he stared at the spotlights the entire time. People have no idea how bright those lights are when you are up front!


Going down the giant inflatable slide while strapped in his dad’s backpack!

That’s a looooooong way down!

(Hope Mom isn’t watching!!)

(Can I go again? Head first?)

See, who says you have to grow up?

Missed Kid U Ohio? Live too far away? Like cheese?
Then come to Kid U – Appleton next month in Wisconsin!
Yes, Baby Luke will be there, but so will be Rob Biagi!!

DISCLAIMER FROM LUKE: Just so no one panics, my daddy loves me very much and would never really go down a slide with me strapped to his back! These pictures were carefully posed to give mommy a heart attack when she reads my daddy’s blog! hehehehehehe I’m ok, and really safe in this family, really! (And I’ve never really drank Mountain Dew either, for those who think maybe I have… but I do reach out and try to grab daddy’s can often!) By the way, its not the first time my daddy faked some slide pictures!

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  1. It was a great conference. Hey, we’re praying for you guys today (Monday)!

  2. Mommy had to make sure Luke didn’t go down that slide. It was a BIG slide. We had fun having Luke with us, he did great. I think we need to rename this blog! Ha.

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