State-of-the-Art Toilet Seats!

Do you hate cleaning the toilet? Does your toilet have those yucky places where it is just to hard too clean so you either wait and see if your spouse will do it or avoid it all together?

Well, there is GOOD NEWS! Due to advances in modern toilet seat technology there is now a brand new state-of-the-art toilet seat that snaps off for easy cleaning! Its called the Preferred Easy Clean toilet seat. As I was sharing my joy of this discovery with my blog-hero he assured me this was blog-able, so send any complaints directly to him. With that disclaimer, here is the wonderful news for all you husbands out there who hate to clean toilets…. or just never do.


STEP ONE: Get up the courage to to actually get down on your knees near the toilet. This may take a few days (weeks even) but eventually you have to do it. Just focus on all the wife-points you will get for making her job of cleaning toilets easier. Look at it as an investment in your marriage.

STEP TWO: Remove old toilet seats. (Pictures not provided, due to fear of consequences if I were to blog pictures of old toilet seats… really, they weren’t that bad)

STEP THREE: Install the new seat holder bolt. Instead of attaching the new seat with the giant plastic screws, instead, you simply install these cool plastic bolts.

The new state-of-the-art seat will simply snap right on to these bolts! Amazing, huh?

STEP FOUR: Turn the snap-on fasteners counter-clockwise to the ‘open position.’ Place over the bolts, pop ’em on, and then rotate back clockwise for a secure fit.

ALL DONE! Now whenever your wife needs to clean the toilet, all she has to do is pop it off and clean and snap it back on. It’s so easy, you could almost do it for her….. almost.

DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCLUDED with the seat for easy installation.

FINAL STEP: Take pictures to post on your blog and hope your wife never reads it. (But notice her nice Christmas decorating!)

Here is a picture of my work buddy who cheered me on the whole time. It was quite the male bonding experience as we repeated this process in three bathrooms. (and yes, I washed my hands between each ‘job’ before carrying the boy around.) He seemed fascinated by the whole process. It was also a great opportunity to help him get comfortable around toilets… hopefully it will speed up the potty training process when that time comes.

Ooops, Sara is coming, need to hit publish and get off line. :)

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  1. I think I need one of these… right away! :P Great blog!

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