Luke Goes to the Park

Just want to post some pictures from the park for family, friends, and Luke fans!


Luke moves up to a bigger bottle!


Luke’s first time to see bubbles! He was fascinated!


Luke learns to swing! Only his second time in one!


Couldn’t choose between these pictures, so putting both!


You MUST SEE THE VIDEO to believe it! After setting Luke on the slide and holding him from behind a bunch of times, and then keeping my hand behind him several more times in case he fell back, he finally pushed me away as if to say, “Let me do it alone.” So I nervously put him at the top of the small slide (it has hight sides, which was nice) and then video taped his first decent down a slide solo… and you won’t believe what happened!

OK, I figured out how to put flash video on my blog, here is the first:

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  1. Ahh! What happened?! My computer’s so old so the video doesn’t work! What’d he do?

    Karl: It is a QuickTime file

  2. I have a fairly new PC and couldn’t get the video to work either… K

    Karl: It is a QuickTime file, you’ll need QuickTime installed, which is free and highly recommended. Windows Media Files are the most common, but poor quality. QuickTime is quickly becoming the preferred video format. Hope this helps!

  3. I love the quick time video format, please don’t change!! You all ready favored the WMV format with your TBT’s, please don’t go back to the dark side.

    One question, “What happened to Lukes shoe on his right foot in the swing pictures above?”

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