Addicted to Blogging?

Are you addicted to blogging? Take this test and find out just how addicted you are…

Here are my results:

84%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Put your results in Comments!

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Karl Bastian is the founder of, the creator of, and the author of His personal website is He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.


  1. Only 55% (although I think there are seasons it might score higher).

  2. I am scared to admit my score. I scored a 90%. But wait some of those questions just were not fair (notice the hooked person’s excuses coming out now).

    Questions like, do you think about a topic while taking a shower? Of course, but I think about a ton of stuff. I think if you are a journal type person then you will score high.

    So come on those who journal, lets hear you post here as well. I am very interested in hearing of other scores.

    Please, all my friends do it. It not as bad as…..

  3. I got 67% and I agree with Timothy and suspect it’s higher at times.

  4. I am 81% and have only been doing my blog for 5 months is there any help for me?

  5. 72% Uh Oh! At least I’m not as bad as Todd :p

  6. How did you find this quiz? Very clever!

  7. I’m 75% addicted and proud of it.

  8. 15%!!!! I am the only normal person that reads Karl’s blogs according to the comments above!!! Yesssssss.

    Actually, I love your blog Karl, so between obligation to your sister and your blog, that’s all the blogging I get. Don’t you feel special?

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