I wish this was my church!

A good friend of mine just instant messaged me about this church sermon series:


Man, does this look GOOD! Here is an overview of the series:


Check it out yourself at: Mariner’s Church (though from the URL the page will most likely change for the next series, that’s why I captured it here)

All I want to know is, can I buy the sermon CDs????

I’m hoping you will be able to watch the sermons here

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Karl Bastian is the founder of Kidology.org, the creator of ToyboxTales.com, and the author of OrderoftheAncient.com. His personal website is Kidologist.com He is Big Kid with a passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.


  1. you should be able to get the CD from there bookstore online when the series id done or you can watch it online I hope after each sermon is preched http://www.marinerschurch.org/pages/weekendvideomessage.html I hope!

    WOW! it’s hard to believe that it was 30 year ago. I might have to use this and adaptet it for a children messages in september. Cool site Karl your friend know a good site when he see one :)!

  2. Um, yeah, thanks Jeff, since YOU are the one that told me about it. How humble of you to not point that out. YOU DA MAN!

  3. Wow, just wanted to stop by and say “Hi” I’ve missed a lot of your blogs lately! I was busy getting married! Then I was in the hospital with Pneumonia! Good to see things are well with you! :)

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