25 Days of Christmas Music!

Well, OK, so there is only 22 days left, but you can still get the FREE DOWNLOADS from the days you missed!



If you like Christmas music and you are tired of the 17 or 18 that are played on the radio over and over, you must head over to Tannerworld Junction, the forum where-EVERYTHING-is-discussed created by Kidology’s Director of Web Operations. (AKA, if it works there first, try in on Kidology.org!)

Be sure to say “I discovered you on Kidologist.com” so I can finally win one of Steve’s contests. (I’m still sore I didn’t win the Star Wars lego tie fighter!)

Every day you will get a new Christmas song you’ve probably never heard before, and a chance to talk about it if you wish. (Yes, you can win something too!) And be sure to get the downloads from previous years that are only up this month! Over 9 hours of awesome Christmas music!

So? What are you waiting for? GO ALREADY!

Steve's 25 Days of Christmas Music

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  1. Thanks for the updated link and the contest rules. I changed the link for my picture on the post to the one that you gave me. Thanks again for the updated info.!!!

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