Luke Discovers That White Stuff

Luke’s early excursions into the snow were met with suspicion and hesitation… what was all this cold stuff blanketing the world in white? He treated it as an odd substance he didn’t want to get too close too, and his first attempted ride in a sled brought tears. So Dad surrendered and hasn’t tried to get Luke into the snow much. But this 6-8 inch snow fall this week was worth a second try, and this time Luke loved it!

Just wanted to share some pictures of Luke and Daddy playing in the snow. Always remember, though, Mom was there too, she just prefers the other side of the camera most of the time. Thanks mom for some great pics!


All bundled up and ready to try the snow again…


Knee deep and checking it out…


The verdict is in… he cool with it. (pun intended)


He even let Daddy pull him around in circles in the sled!


Daddy tried to impress his son with Snow Blocks… to no avail.


Luke’s version of fun was smashing the blocks faster than Dad could make them. But the smile was all Dad was hoping to build.

Next time: Luke learns how to dodge snow balls!

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