Recipe for a Great Mother


Mother’s Day 2008 – Happy Mom with her happy boys!


We spent the day with Sara’s mom and dad cooped up inside due to rain – but had a very nice time anyway. Whenever I spend time with Sara’s mom it reminds me why my wife is so sweet and gracious. They both love recipes, so here is my recipe for a great mom, based on knowing both of these mothers for years:

Recipe for a Great Mother

Start with a bucket of love, stir in lots of patience, and a steady stream of forgiveness. Shake well with a heart for service and then simmer over a gentle and quiet spirit and drop in a scoop of encouragement. Then sprinkle with laughter, flavor with stories of God’s goodness, and a dash of good hugs when needed. A touch of craziness and spontaneity helps get along with husbands and finally cover with kindness and joy. Allow to nurture and you will have a wonderful treat every day, especially if you take time to compliment.


Here’s our little boy in his Mother’s Day outfit hiding behind a bush! He is so full of life and love and laughter… it’s obvious he spends a lot of time with his mother, her sweet disposition is definitely rubbing off on him!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY SARA and PJ! (See pictures of my mom here)

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  1. Tricia and I were looking at this post together and in unison we both said,
    “AWWWWWWWWWWW!” when we saw Luke’s little tie.

    Sara, Happy Mother’s Day. You are doing an excellent job and I love that we live right down the street from each other.

    Love ya all,

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