Finally, the Perfect PDA!

I am happy to announce that I finally have discovered the perfect PDA, and no, it’s not the iPhone. (which stupidly has no task management – even though Tasks is an integrated part of Mac Mail and Mac iCal – despite everything else amazing about it.)

Thanks to my buddy, aka BalloonPastor, who linked it on his blog. It is called PocketMod! It is an awesome PAPER organizer you can use throughout your day to record the “stuff” that comes up. But it is BETTER than that, through an online interactive guide, you get to determine what is on each page, with MANY to choose from! After you determine what you want on each page from lines to calendars to shopping lists, etc. you just print, fold and after one cut – you have the perfect PDA! No batteries to run out – no stylus – nearly indestructible (from dropping anyway) and ready to go.

Here are the simple folding instructions

If you are a fan of David Allen’s book Getting Things Done, you will love this easy and practical tool for making sure you capture all those stray thoughts so you to can have a “mind like water.” (you’ll understand that if you’ve read the book!)

Designing a new one of these every Monday (or Sunday night) is the perfect way to keep CONTROL of your time and week and the constant in-flow of information and ideas.

There are many helpful pages to choose from, such as:

The dates are automatically filled in for today, this week, or next week. You can even choose a full year calendar.

I like the tasks and shopping list, but there is also a checkbook registry, a contact sheet for when you meet people and want to grab their basic info to enter in the computer later, and even a food diary for those on a diet.

But it’s also SMART – want your local 5 day forecast? Or a mini-TIME magazine:

Today you can read what Hillary did wrong! Or put in your OWN RSS FEED! You can create a custom page if you want, like this one:

Overall, it is a pretty sweet little tool. Get started here. Oh, and did I mention, it’s FREE! But if you like it, encourage programmers like this to develop and share their work by donating. I did, even a buck or two would make their day I’m sure!

I made my PocketMod for this week… now it’s your turn!

UPDATE: As mentioned in comments there is an updated one called repocketmod with more pages to choose from here, and better yet, you can download it and run directly on your computer or (as I did) install on your own website so you never have to worry about the site going down or if you don’t have internet. The repocketmod version has more GTD planning pages.

I also made a short-cut to it and changed the icon to R2D2 just for fun! Now R2 is my little virtural assistant who designs and prints my mini-planner for me!

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  1. TIP: There are some additional page coices at: Seems they took over the idea when it was considered outdated before the main site relaunched flash based. (you can still get to original one on the main site) But this site still has some additonal fun pages to choose from.

  2. Ok it’s cool…but I don’t think it’s better than a palm…

  3. Hey, that’s looks cool. I’ll have to check it out.

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