Weekend Warrior

As I sit here to blog my whole body is sore and tired but my heart is full and satisfied. Most of my readers probably won’t be interested in this post… (sorry) but I’m posting anyway for some family friends I’d like to show my weekend projects to.

Let me just say, I LOVE one day projects that cost more in personal labor than dollars, and this weekend I tackled two!

SATURDAY’S MISSION: Restore life and beauty to the backyard flower garden!

I cut out this little corner a few years ago and every year I love to do the flowers. It’s kind of a gift to my wife for her view out the kitchen window. In a few weeks it will be overflowing with flowers! Cool thing is, it started to pour rain just as I finished. I also jazzed up the front yard a bit with flowers hanging in our swing, in a pots by the driveway (both ends) and added some stepping stones. Fun!

SUNDAY’S MISSION: (after church, of course!) Create a Play Park in the backyard for my little Luke! He went with us to the stores after church and then I was able to create the whole thing during his nap! (Luckily, he slept three hours!)

Can’t wait to enjoy some lemonade while watching him play outside. Some friends gave us the used boat sandbox and the rocket ship we got at a garage sale for $10 last summer (!), but storing them in the backyard killed the grass and the corner was looking pretty sad with weeds and dead grass patches. (The tree was a gift last year from mom and dad, but I put some mulch and concrete rabbits at the base.) I know, TMI!

But when Luke woke up from his nap, it was fun to say, “I have a surprise for you… Daddy made you a park during your nap.” We have named it “Luke’s Park” and he took to it right away!

So, after 3 flats of flowers, 1 hanging plant, 2 potted plants, 32 bricks, 6 bags of cedar mulch, 8 bags of red mulch,  10 bags of white play sand and 6 bags of white stone (under deck stairs, not shown) and one 16″x16″ flat brick later (for under the garden hose holder)… we have a beautiful flower garden and a backyard park for Luke. Whew! I’ll sleep deeply tonight. Hope I can get out of the bed tomorrow!

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  1. I love Luke’s park. It’s so cute. Everything looks really nice and I cannot wait to get home to see it live and play with Luke at his park.

    love you guys,

  2. We love it Karl!!! Yay! Now we can play out front, out back, inside, upstairs, downstairs…why there’s so much for Luke to do we never need to leave the house again, except when we run out of food and milk. Ha. Thanks again sweetheart…it truly was a labor of LOVE!

  3. Lukes park looks great. Do you want to come to our house and build one as well?

  4. You are truly an inspiration, my brother.

    Uhhh…do you hire out?

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