Win Nearly $600 in Awesome Video Products!

REPRINTED from the home page, want to make sure you don’t miss this! These products are truly amazing and live up to the name “Awesome!” We’ve been working to get these on Kidology for a long time and just know you will find them a huge blessing to your ministry!

We have an ‘awesome’ offer for you this month. Here’s the deal: Join or renew your membership to during the month of August and we will enter your name into a random drawing for an ‘Awesome’ Prize Giveaway.’ (Professional level or above)

What’s included in this ‘Awesome’ prize? How about one of each of the products featured in our store! Each one is unique, and PACKED with useful resources for your ministry.

  • Animated Bible Maps uses actual satellite images to create 3D animated maps, and allows you to project them onto a large screen.
  • Children’s Pastors Tool Box is packed with audio and video clips designed for use by churches. Revolutionize the way you teach!
  • Secret Weapon will be your best recruiting tool, featuring 6 ‘commercials’ to attract willing volunteers.
  • Drama Tool Kit allows multiple sound effects, to enhance your drama or skit. Also includes video backdrops!
  • Stadium FX features a completely customizable animated scoreboard, to take your ministry to the next level!

This prize pack retails for $580! (with shipping this would be OVER $600 – so join or renew TODAY!)

The winner of the drawing will be chosen on September 1st, and will be announced in the September newsletter as well as on the home page.

Like what you see? Anxious to get your hands on your own copy? Can’t wait to see if you won? Purchase now, and if you win the drawing, we will refund you the cost of the products you purchased!

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