Operation Order!

OK! I finally have a completely free day without meetings or anything toooo urgent, so I’m at the library to try and get a grip on my life and the swirling tasks, projects and never ending to-dos!

In one sense, I’m in a good place. I’m doing a lot better at putting family first, but now work is starting to slip into the chaos of the tyranny of the urgent. That’s better than when I never got around to some home duties, now I’ve kinda flipped the other way where every day at work is driven more by my e-mail inbox than intentional strategic tasks.

Well, that ends TODAY with Operation Order. (Operation Chaos is concluding)

I’m blogging this for my own accountability and to outline my plan, which may overflow into two days:


A stack of 3×5 cards awaits the names of products or areas or people clammiring for my time, attention, thought and action.

Step 2: DEFINE

A new blank notebook will donate a page to each area identified in Step 1 to define it’s purpose, priority and place in my life.

Step 3: DETAIL

Next I will detail the tasks and action steps required for success on that area or realm of life and ministry.


Now the rubber meets the road: scheduling my calendar with when I will focus on what so that I am the one determining my focus each day.


Finally, I will evaluate what arenas, tasks, projects are activities provide the most Value to me and my ministry’s mission, and then harshly determine what needs to be eliminated, delegated or postponed and determine how to best combat the things that will most certainly seek to distract from the resulting plan from Operation Order.


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  1. Karl, thanks for sharing this. This will be a help to me too.

  2. Thank you, Karl. It’s very motivational, as I’m trying to re-group, re-prioritize, and re-organize some things as well.

    (Now if only I could find my index cards amidst all the clutter on my desk!) :-)

  3. me too! which would explain why I went to the office supply store and got a new pack of cards and went to the library! :)

  4. ALMOST FORGOT to include a day of solitude each month… that was tricky to work in after scheduling everything! But I did!

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