The Adventures of “Illinois Luke”

First off, I have to say, my sister is the ultimate party planner. She puts together the most amazing themed parties for her kids (sample). Today was no exception. It was an overnight camping Indiana Jones theme where they went geo-caching for treasure and every kid got an archeologist bag, brown fedora and a whip! Due to having a two year old, we came for the morning fun. It was a beautiful forest preserve I’ll be returning to for hiking! Luke took to the trails immediately…

It is right along the Fox River in Cary, so there were many water views on the hike.

One funny sight (that I couldn’t take a picture of) was three guys fishing with beer bottles. A poor man’s technique perhaps. They tied fishing line to the neck of their beer, threw the line out, drank while waiting, and when then got a bite, wound the line around the beer bottle to reel it in. Yes, we saw them catch one!

One of the kids caught a craw fish. Going with the theme, we just pretended it was a scorpion!

I showed my son how to intimidate a small creature by returning its taunts right back at it!

While he wasn’t given one, due to his age, Luke found a whip and quickly was giving the bigger kids an amazing demonstration on how to do it!

Which is how he earned the title, “Illinois Luke.” Yup, that’s my boy!

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  1. Oh, that last picture is adorable! I just love the curls. We have to get another picture of he and Mackenzie with their curls. Let me know when they grow back from tonights haircut. I can’t believe the before and after pictures in the previous blog. He looks so different. I am glad we have a girl. We have not cut her hair yet! I don’t think I could cut those curls off.

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