Catholic for a Day

While I am not Catholic – I have great respect for so much that the Catholic Church has done and stood for. While theologically my saving faith is in the person of Jesus and not the Church, when it comes to what is at stake in this political season, I find the following video from to be right on:

I am tired of hearing Christians say they aren’t going to vote for one reason or another. ANY REASON NOT TO VOTE IS A LAME REASON. Hey, I’m in Illinois, voting Republican is a “waste” of my vote, but I vote because I am an American and many have died to give me that freedom.

Be American and VOTE. I don’t even mind if you vote for the man I think is the worst possible leader for our nation. I will still applaud you for voting. We are both Americans after all.

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  1. While I agree on how important it is to vote, I must add that it’s even more important to cast an informed vote. If we have a bunch of people going to the polls who have done no research on who they should vote for, and are just following the media hype… or they don’t even know who the candidates are or what they stand for (not usually the case with the presidential election)… I think uninformed voting is worse than not voting at all. Their vote will affect the outcome without even knowing what they’ve just voted on, or how they personally feel about it.

    This is the problem we have with many voters today. Sure, we all have to take a Constitution and Government class in High School, but how much of that information is really absorbed and remembered by the students… and by adults later in life. How many 18 year olds do we know that have strong stances on anything, let alone things important enough to affect our nations future? And with many adults, they are encouraged to go to the polls, but aren’t encouraged at the same time to research their options. They aren’t encouraged to form their own opinions and vote appropriately. Many Americans vote just for the sake of voting… to feel good about doing their American duty. But I think it’s a disservice to themselves and their fellow Americans if they are just trying to fill a ballot without knowing the issues they are voting on.

    All that said, I do like the video linked here. Although I am not Catholic (anymore), I appreciate that they don’t just say “Vote!” And they don’t tell you who to vote for. They state the issues that people should be looking at, the issues that will most affect our nation as a whole, and they encourage a look inside ourselves to what we hold dear… and only then should we make our decision and head to the polls.

    Maybe I should start my own blog…

  2. Ha! Did you notice that the pictures of both Obama and Palin were on the left sides of the parties’ respective pictures… Hmmm what does that say about McCain… Just thought it was funny.

    But, yes, go out and vote

  3. I am Catholic, and I applaud you for including this video on your website. ALL Christians need to work together, not only for the future of this nation, but even more important, to bring souls to Christ.

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