Have a Bible Blast!

What do you get when you combine the Picture Bible, Scripture Memory and Parents??


Bible Blast is a quiz format program designed to engage parents (especially dads!) in reading the Bible with their children and preparing for an age appropriate quiz the next time they meet at Bible Blast. Children are affirmed via Bible Blast Bucks they can spend in a prize store.


The entire investment for parents is only $40 for a Picture (Comic) Bible and the manual with all the questions and reading plans for parents.

A church based program that has been growing so much via world of mouth that a pastor sponsored the couple who created it to come to CPC so others could learn about it.


Check it out at

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  1. This is the best kept secret for Children’s Ministry. Not only that, it’s the BEST family ministry product I’ve seen in ministry! We started out with 23 students in the class, now we cap it at 300 every year. Truly the more incredible materials that combines kids and parents reading, praying, and studying together during the week, followed by solid applicable learning over the weekend.

  2. Alas, I missed this booth. I’ll need to check out the website and find out more. While I’m pretty competitive and can think of a few more parents and kids who are that way, do they have anything for less-competitive families as well?

  3. We’ve used Bible Blast for years. The quizzing is NOT competitive in the traditional sense- no buzzers or races to answer first. Every child has the opportunity to answer every question. Last night, on our first quiz after a break for Christmas, every child “quizzed out!” We have had SO many parents who did not grow up in church who are excited about learning the Bible right along with their kids.

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