CPC Kidology Gatherings

If you are at CPC Nashville, I’d love to meet you and get a chance to hang out with ya! Here are some opportunities to connect with me as well as meet other Kidology members/friends:

  • Drop by the DiscipleLand booth where I am volunteering this week whenever the Resource Center is open. Ask for your Kidology button!
  • GATHERING #1 – TUESDAY EVENING, 7:00 pm Dinner on the Town, I’ll be eating at Rusty’s Sports Bar & Grill, which you’ve walked past on your way to the Resource Center. Get there as quickly as possible so we can get a big table.
  • GATHERING #2 – TUESDAY EVENING, AFTER DINNER. If you have dinner plans, after dinner I will be going to the seating area across from Christie Cookies where the Garden Conservatory meets Magnolia. It’s #9 on your map. There is a small place to buy snacks/drinks. If you were coming from the front registration, it’s at the end of the long walkway through the Garden Conservatory that ramps down into the shopping area on your way to the Resource Area. Easy to find! I’ll be there at 9pm and will hang out as long as there are people to hang with! We’ve gone past midnight in the past – so come when you can, leave when you must. The fellowship is always nice. I’ll be givin’ away some free Kidology Handbooks for some Kidology trivia winners!
  • GATHERING #3 – WEDNESDAY EVENING LATE NITE! I’ll be at the same place as #2 starting around 10pm. If you are going to the KidzBlitz Event, come by afterward, but I’ll be there from 10pm to midnight. Come hang out. I’d love to hear what God is doing in your ministry and what issues you are wrestling with. I’ll bring along some more freebies as well!

Looking forward to meeting some of you and getting a chance to hang out a bit at CPC!

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  1. Karl, Praying for you today. Sure like your resourceful blogs, great effort. I look forward to them, it’s not like being there, but it helps. Enjoy your day. Jesus is fond of you.

  2. Karl! We are so sad we can’t be at CPC this year!!! With our shortened attendance at Orlando last year because of Nathan’s illness it adds to the hole in our hearts! We heard you have seen and spoken with Wes & Chris! We hope to attend next year!!!! Love ya, Man!

  3. I finally made it to the Kidology meet at CPC. Missed this in previous CPC’s and really regret it. It was good to meet Tom and Nate and Ben. I have new friends now that I definitely want to keep up with. Thanks for the gatherings, Karl.

  4. Hey there Karl!
    thanks for the live feeed. I will be going to CA next month and can’t wait. Looking at the booths you visited helps me get prepared for my trip. I appreciate it! HAVE FUN AND RELAX!

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