Of Books There is No End!


As the son and son-in-law of pastors, and a book lover myself, I have inherited and collected on my own a LOT of great books. Bible commentaries, Christian living, topical, popular authors, Christian college textbooks, apologetics, Bible study tools, biographies, many ancient books from famous Christians of the past such as Moody, Ironside and Torrey, and on and on.

I’d love to get rid of a many of them, but my options are all no good when I try to think of HOW to do this:

Throw out? Would kill me to see good books trashed, I’m not a Nazi!

Thrift store? Do they really want them? Will Christians look there? (majority are Bible tools, antique text books, and popular modern books)

E-bay? Too much work to photograph, add, ship, etc. for books that won’t sell for much and many are great titles no one may ever “search” for, but I know Christian leaders would love if they saw them.

Kidology Garage Sale? I’ve thought of adding them there in bundles, as I can set a price, but again, its a lot of work for little profit for the time invested. I’ve thought of bundling sets of 10, but that might annoy shoppers.

Local Church Library? Mine doesn’t have a library, and I’ve never known of a church library that was actually used, even when our church did have one. If I knew a local church or ministry that wanted them, I’d give them away. (Though a small donation might be nice)

Mission Field? I’d love to ship to the mission field, and would happily pay the shipping, if not too much, but where? Who?

Ideas? Any of my readers want them? Missionaries? Other ideas?

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  1. Hi Karl,
    I would be interested in your books since I buy and sell books for a living.
    A donation would be possible,or whatever.
    I suppose there are a lot,and would be too much to ask what books you have .
    If you don’t find a better use for them keep me in mind.
    Mike Lanting

  2. Karl, I would love, love, love to take those ministry books off of your hands. Being a noobie children’s minister, a lover of books, and someone who can use all the help God wants to bestow, PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! Let me know how much you’re willing to let them go for. *blink, blink* <> They would be put to good use, for years and years.


  3. Hi Karl,

    I would love to have some of your books too. I love to read. And like Heather, any help I can be blessed with would be great. I too would be willing to make a donation.


  4. Hello,

    I am with the 2nd two. I would love any books you are will to send my way. I am just getting started trying to do full-time children’s ministry. I have recently graduated and would love anything you would send my way.

  5. My pastor husband and I would love to find out more about the types of books you have! We would be very very interested for our personal use, our church library and/or the new (improved) library building that just opened in our tiny little town in VA. Thank you for providing others the opportunity in your ‘sharing the wealth’ of books!!! You will NOT have to throw away any books! thanks again for thinking of sharing with others! … from a couple of fellow book lovers …

  6. You could set up a store on Amazon and let all your readers know the link. It’s SO easy to do and you can set the price of them, so if you want to make the cost very low, you could do that. Or, Amazon will show you what it is worth. You don’t have to bother with taking pictures, either. You simply put in the ISBN # then Amazon does the rest. I do this will all my books that I’ve finished reading and it’s really great. I really hope you do this because I’d love the chance to buy some.

  7. Great idea Karl. I should do something like this too. I have about 2,000+ books which I would like to pare down by a few hundred or so. I better get busy!


  8. A couple options come to mind…

    My small group and I may be interested in some… …also I have 2 friends going to seminary (one currently, the other begins this fall)… they may be interested.

    Let me know, Karl.

  9. Oh I’m late! But I’m a college student who would LOVE to have some books! And I live close I will pay real money and pick them up!! No shipping!!! Let us know what you decide!

  10. I would also love to get in on the books. Karl you know me and how I love a good book on how to be a better christian, pastor and kids pastor. Sign me up and let me know if you want to send any of them my way!

  11. Karl,

    Obviously there are lots of people out there (like me) who love books and are always excited to get there hands on some. If I were you, I’d put them in the Kidology Garage sale as lots 10 (or whatever) mystery books. Then send 10 random books to whomever buys them.

    I would then set aside any biblical commentaries I had and ship those to my favorite CP Team member with a cartoon avatar of themself. :-D

  12. Just wanted to offer an alternate suggestion. Our church offered a “Christian Book Sale/Swap” where everyone in the congregation was welcome to dontate their books. A couple of people arranged them by topics/type/etc – and then they set out for the congregation. People could pick up whatever ones interested them, and if they chose, make a free will offering which went to purchase curriculum and materials for small group studies. It was very well recieved. The left over books were taken to our denomination’s area office, for other pastors and churches to take. We’ve talked about doing this once a year now.

  13. Charlene, I love that idea. I thought of it, but my church is too big to bother with it, but I think that is an excellent idea. I think I plan to do some bundles on the Kidology Garage Sale, I’ve been sorting for days, lots more to go through!

  14. Karl, have you tried the application Books and then send us a copy of your library list, so we can pick and choose? The nice thing about books is that you can use your built-in isight camera to scan the isbn codes as you enter the books into your database.

  15. hmmmm. maybe u SHOULD send ur books to these pple somehow. looks like they would really be blessed by them.

    god bless you pastor karl

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