I’m the Kidologist – What’s Your Nickname?

I’m often asked why I call myself the “Kidologist.”

Does it mean I’m a children’s ministry expert?

Does it mean I know everything about kids?

Does it mean that think I’m the authority
on kids or children’s ministry?
Double Nope.

I started calling myself the Kidologist years ago because when people would comment on how good I was with kids I worried that as I got older I would lose that touch. I was quite aware that young 20-somethings are usually always get kid-connectors, but that many adults as they get into their 30’s, 40’s (or older) seem to lose their knack with connecting with kids, and I feared my saavy for relating and connecting with kids would diminish with time. As I began to analyize WHY I was effective with kids “Kidology” was born, the study of kids, and how to relate to as well as effectively teach kids. (Explained in more detail in CMPodcast #8)

I coined the term “Kidologist” as a reminder to me first of all, that if I wanted to be effective with children for the long haul, I would have to always be a learner. To always be growing, reading magazines & books, studying the culture of kids as well as the latest CM strategies, keeping up on church and ministry trends, attending conferences (not just speaking at them), and doing whatever it took to stay engaged with kids, their culture, and the world of children’s ministry. Failures as well as successes build experience, and then experience may bring expertise – but as the “Kidologist” I am first and foremost a forever learner in the arena of children’s ministry and my appetite to grow and develop must never be satisfied.

What is your nickname?

If don’t have one – what should it be? It’s a good exercise. It can force you to focus on what makes you unique, what your Calling is, what defines you or what you identify with. I know a Kidhelper who’s life has been devoted to helping kids come to Christ. I know a mother named Melissa who’s childhood nickname of “Meepa” (how she said her own name as a toddler) has grown into her adult nickname of MommyMeepa, as she pours her life into being a wonderful mother. I could name others, but I’ll stop there.

Please comment and give me your nickname, or be bold and give yourself a nickname. Whether it “sticks” or not doesn’t matter – what name would identify you?

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  1. Well, this is a great blog, because I am trying to help others find nicknames that really define them and can be used on Kidology as usernames. I myself am called the Kidhelper, because I aspire to help kids to know God, and I happen to think that there are many who help kids, but maybe fewer who really help kids know the Lord. Introducing Kids to Jesus is my passion and I therefore am a real kidhelper! I am trying to help other be real kidhelpers too.

  2. I really need a nickname now!

  3. Jonathan – perhaps you take your last name and be the Clifinator – living on the edge of ministry, or the Clifster! :o)

  4. Coincidence? Yeah, maybe. I wrote this post yesterday. http://www.childrensministryonline.com/blog/random/mr-snugglebunny/
    Honest, I didn’t know anything about Karl’s post. Is this a nickname I want to be known for outside of my own family, not really… but it’s a nickname none the less.

  5. My last real nickname was “ding-a-ling.” No one calls me that anymore (but it stills fits!). My only nickname now is a shortened version of my real name.(Tam or Tammy shortened from Tamara, which no one can spell or pronouce correctly.) The children call me Mrs. Tammy. Maybe that’s my nickname. However it isn’t cute or interesting. I couldn’t begin to think of a nickname for myself but it is food for thought.

  6. Our volunteers are collectively called KidServants, but the name that has stuck with me over the years is “Teacher Tim.”
    The other day, a co-worker called me “Fruit Loop”, but I don’t think that will stick :-)

  7. *rips open front of button down shirt to reveal and giant S. Yes, you guessed it. My onetime nickname years ago for preschoolers was Captain Shoelace, Defender of the untied shoe! *cue starting music.

    Here he comes to save the day! (doing a funny little charismatic jig while avoiding throwing out a hip). Captain Shoelace here to tie the untied shoelaces! And that’s not all, he flies through the air, he chases balloons, and he teaches the boys and girls to tie their own shoes! *cue end music.

  8. The name that has stuck with me is simply “Pastor Eric.” It really is a name and not a name and a title as many children believe Pastor is my first name.
    At the prompting of my Kidology Coach, however, I developed a nickname – The Teknologist. To hear it said, it connotes something of “technology” which I use as extensively as I can in my ministry but it actually comes from the Greek “teknon” which means “child” and is often used to describe disciples. So, in the end, I guess I stole Karl’s name.

  9. On the baseball beat, a couple reporters call me “TLB” — short for The Last Bastian, as in The Last Bastian of sports journalism.

  10. Larry Shallenberger

    I’ve been able to dodge nicknames since high school. My track record w/ nicknames is rough, I might have to pass.

  11. I have quite a few nicknames that have stuck with me for years, they are:

    “Reebok” – all the little ones learning to talk can never say Rebekah and always come out as the shoe, totally cute, and I don’t mind

    “Tweety” – it’s what my mom always called me and for some reason has just stuck everywhere I’ve gone, and the funny thing I live MILES away from my mom now

    “Missy” – my father-in-law is my Pastor, he’s called me “missy” since I married his son and it’s just always been there

    “Angel” – my hubby calls me that, the kids found out and now they sarcastically call me that :P

  12. I’ve been given a new nickname from my coach, Barney the Kidhelper. He gave me the name Kidhoncho because I oversee a lot of children leaders. But the kids know me by a lot of names because of how I go into character when teaching object lessons. My most common one is Baker Bob and teaching from my kitchen of truth. some of my other names include Gardner Glen, Scientist Sam, Farmer Fred, Builder Ben and Professor Phil. I have a look for each one of these characters that the kids have fun relating to.

    All the kids know me normally as Pastor Ron. One day teaching at VBS I came as the absent minded Professor Phil and one of the five year old kids on the front roll yells out, “I know that you are not really Professor Phil!” I responded, “I’m not, who am I?” and with out hesitation the child replied, “You’re not Professor Phil you’re really Baker Bob!”

    I have found the kids love it when I get into another character. :)

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