Taking a Leap

Sometimes in life, you just have to jump…

When is the last time you took a leap of faith? When you stepped off secure ground and submitted yourself to the Hands of God by attempting something daring where you couldn’t see how the landing would be? Often we climb to great heights for God – and the view is spectacular on the summit – but perhaps God is saying it is time to stop enjoying the view and take a leap of faith.

I hear often from friends and collegues who feel trapped in there current ministry or life situation. Granted, life is tough, and the grass is always greener on the ‘other side’ – and it takes great character to stick it out in a tough situation. But there is another side to it. Perhaps you don’t have to stay stuck there. Perhaps the problems are God’s way of saying, “I have something else for you.” (Better doesn’t always mean easier, by the way, but better does mean excitement because you are depending on God!)

HOWEVER – I’m not speaking so much to those who hate where they are and daydream of being somewhere else. I’m thinking of those who are in a good place, a comfortable place, a place of acheivement and accomplishment, where it is easy to stick around and simply enjoy the fruit of their labor. Remeber when everything was a complete mess? How much you prayed and depended on God? And how exciting it was?

Perhaps it is time to take a leap of faith and ask God to give you the courage to step out into nothingless and let Him take you where He needs you next. I accept this challenge for myself as much as present it to you.

What daring thing is God asking you to do next? Take the first step into nothingness… and feel your heart begin to pound with anticipation!

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  1. Great reminder and encouragement, Karl. I remember when you posed this same challenge to me at my previous church and it prepared me for being where I am now.

    Henry Zonio’s last blog post..My Idea Camp Workshop – Creating Culture: What About the Kids?

  2. For me it is challenging me to press deeper into connecting with the lost in my community, despite what some church people think. I get a lot of funny looks from people who think I should be “doing more” with my education. Good thing God understands my heart and decisions.

    Glen Woods’s last blog post..How2 Children’s Ministry Conference: Debriefing

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