Update from the Hospital Bed

I’m writing this from a hospital bed in Aurora, IL after having a stent put into my heart that saved my life!

The full story is here if you missed all the updates on Twitter and Facebook!

Yes, I was twittering (which updated facebook) during the whole thing, and live blogged to give more detail than you can in status updates. It was really quite amazing that due to today’s technology I literally had more people praying for me probably than your average church prayer line – for those scratching their heads that I would twitter while having a heart attack, let me first say,

A) I didn’t technically have a heart attack (explained in blog post)

B) I was never in great pain, just enough pain in my chest to know something was wrong and decided the smart thing was to go straight to ER and

C) I really truly believe in the power of prayer and wanted to get the word out so that I’d have prayer for myself and family during the critical hours when it mattered most. I never really felt dread or fear, though I had a sober understanding that this was indeed serious – and yet really felt peace that I was in God’s hands and that He was walking me through the steps to address this.

Did you know if you hold your breath the
white line on the monitor will go flat?

If I were to add a D) it is that a big part of me is wired to want to encourage others and remind others that God is in control – thats easy to say when everything is going hunky dorey – (good) – but I wanted to show that even when our life is in danger (literally) there is always reason to laugh, enjoy life and savor the moments – even if our time to say so could be soon over. My twitter updates were intended to show that there can be moments of joy and reasons to smile even in the midst of hard times. You can’t say it if you don’t live it!

I asked not to be “put under” during the procedure because this is my LIFE and as long as I am alive – i want to LIVE every moment of it, even those moments that should be scary. I gotta tell you, its very sobering when they have you remove everything you own and you watch them put it all in plastic bags. (I hid my iPhone under my leg, I wanted to take it in with me – my link to all my friends and family!)

It was amazing to watch on a screen what the surgeon was doing inside my heart! The funny thing was later, even though I was never “out” or asleep, I couldn’t remember the journey from the surgery room to ICU. I finally asked my nurse if I had indeed been out because there were some details of the day I couldn’t remember and she said that they did give me a drug that caused short term memory loss! Wow! I asked if I can get that at Walgreens, that could come in handy in life! In fact, that might come in handy in pastoral counseling too! “Just take this, and soon you’ll forget all about it.” I’ll have to look into that. (My wife probably thinks I already take that it on a daily basis!)

One of the cool things was getting to meet a fellow Twittering in person, @scotthodge who I was hoping to meet today anyway, since I was doing the children’s services at this church at 3,5 and 7pm after the massive egg hunt this morning. Well, I did get to meet him, but not as I planned; he visited me in the hospital! It meant a lot since I was too far away for most friends/family to come visit, and I know he’s in the midst of Easter weekend! Even a pastor enjoys a pastoral visit! (Our pastor from our previous church did call too and offer to come, but we told him it was too far from Easter-eve, but that was very nice too!) Of course, my wife DID come while my awesome sister took Luke for the entire day!

I am now staying over night but it looks like I’ll get to go home tomorrow. Please pray for my sweet wife, I know this is harder on her than me!

I was able to get my friend, Jonny Magic, to take the shows I had the rest of today as he was in town to perform with me tomorrow, but pray for the church I was supposed to be at tomorrow – they’ve got a lot of entertainers, so they should be fine, but I was doing their preschool program so they’ve got to make adjustments. I have a pretty good excuse, but I still feel bad!

Going to sleep now – just wanted to let some friends and prayer partners know the scoop.

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  1. Karl I love you dearly! You make me laugh even through the seriousness of this all.(It helped me not to cry too much!) Keep posting and getting better and we’ll all keep you and Sara in our prayers. Love always, Aunt Linda xoxo

  2. Our entire family (Betty and I, and three kids) prayed for you before heading to church for the evening services. We’re praying for your quick recovery and for God to continue to use you in many amazing ways.

    Frank Tan’s last blog post..Stacking in funny pages

  3. hey karl-
    ummm…wow- can’t believe what you’ve just been through-
    glad to know that you stayed in good spirits- and that plenty of people were out there praying- and that God had his hand over you-
    i’ll be praying for your recovery-

    sharing this story should even help some of us men that don’t want to get checked out for medical issues- to take our health- and warning signs more seriously-

    Blessings- john

  4. Awesome explanation and testimony man! Will continue to pray for you and the fam.!!

    Dave T.’s last blog post..Vikings In The Ministry

  5. So Karl allow me to share something with you. When ever you do the disappearing act, that doesn’t mean you are to disappear, it is an illusion my friend:~)

    Seriously, I am glad you are alright. I too just finished doing my magic stage show for our Easter event when my wife came to me with a very serious look and asked if I had read about your heart attack? I of course had not yet so she went on and explained to me and showed me your twitters.

    Take care my friend and lets stay away from your latest version of disappearing when you come here July 6-9th.

    Todd McKeever’s last blog post..It is “Go Time” on Easter Eggstravaganza 2009.

  6. Karl, you never cease to amaze me…and inspire me! I thank God for the journey He has you on and for His undeniable hand of protection. Kim and I are praying for your quick recovery…but please don’t try and make it too quick.

  7. Feel Better soon. We’re Praying for you!

  8. Holy Smokes Karl,

    Only yopu can take a life saving surgery and make me laugh! Wow twittering through heart a ttack (Ok not technically a heart attack).

    Praying for you bud!

  9. You’re amazing. Keep testifying!!!
    Love from all of us in Cali!

  10. Glad to learn that you are on the mend. We will pray for you from First Presbyterian Church in Arlington Heights.

  11. Hey Karl,
    Praying for your Super on your natural recovery!
    Mary and kids from Grace Christian Church, Fond du Lac, WI.

  12. Hi Karl…Greetings from Mi. Met you at Kidology in Chic. with Heidi & Kathy from So. Church.. (remember the ‘chef’ napkins?).
    Anyway, I’m glad you are doing o.k. Heidi just sent me your e-m and report. I enjoyed reading it..after the fact!
    Jan Lakin

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