Welcome to the first Kidology Update here on my blog. With the launch of the new, I now have a Kidology Update section right on the homepage of These weekly updates will appear both here on my blog under the Kidology Update category as well as on the home page of This way, they are archived here on my blog in addition to providing a way to comment on them. I am excited to be able to have some space on Kidology’s home page to provide a “personal touch” from me – something folks have asked for as Kidology has grown. Just wanted to explain the Kidology Update to my blog readers. Now on to the first Kidology Update: We are excited to finally launch our brand new website! In addition to an exciting new look, we have made the home page more powerful than ever before! You can now see quickly what is new in our idea-packed Zones, in the Forum, Job Center, Resource Directory, Garage Sale, Store, and more! Whereas in the past you needed to scroll down the entire homepage to see all the news items, they now are available at the top …

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Looks Like a Binkey

The all new has just gone live, and we were having fun showing Luke the walk-out videos (linked below) and Sara was trying to explain to Luke that this website is Daddy’s job, and he just made a new website. Luke took one look at the web page and said, “Looks like a binkey.” At first we thought, “Huh?” but on a closer look, we could see what he was talking about: I guess our logo does look a little like a binkey, after all! We hope the new website will pacify many as they seek to reach and teach kids for Jesus! Check out the walk about videos at these links: What is Kidology? and Who is Karl? For an overview of all that is new, be sure to visit: What’s New?

Yosemite Summit 2009 Report and Video

Don’t miss the video at the end of this post! I’m still feeling the effects of Yosemite Summit 2009. It is difficult to describe this event to someone who has not gone; it is truly a wonderful trip on so many fronts. But it is my prayer that some descriptions, some pictures, quotes from the guys and a video might help you get a glimpse of the unique experience Yosemite Summit is for the guys who take the time away from ministry to invest in their walk with God and a few other good men who share their passion for children’s ministry. After the neat group of guys God brought together for the first Summit, I honestly was a little worried that the second year might feel different, but again God brought together a group of men who all got along great and seemingly instantly we were like old friends. I now get to pray the same for 2010! There is simply no way to describe the grandeur of the vistas at Yosemite National Park. Pictures can’t even come close to capturing the awe of looking out from one vista to another across the sprawling valley below. It is like …

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Timber-lee 2009

Hard to believe it’s been TEN YEARS that I’ve been speaking at Camp Timber-lee – since 1999. While I’ve taken a few summers off, I’ve made up for it by speaking several weeks during a few of the summers, so I’ve spoken here at least ten times, if not more. Every time is an awesome experience! I leave every year praying I’ll be invited back! I just love the kids here and their eagerness to learn and the energy with which they soak up the teaching. I try to make the Chapels as fun and life-changing as possible. What a gift to get to creatively open the Word every morning and evening for an entire week! If you are a camper or camper parent, is the site your kids are probably looking for, though you are welcome to follow my blog as well! Here are some photo highlights from Timber-lee 2009: Happy Campers! Mom and Luke! Luke, me and Tricia! This year was extra special because it was the first year for my neice and nephew to come to camp! I got to hang out with Parker when he did the High Ropes: Parker ready to climb! Parker leaving …

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The Obama Car

For those who are enjoying our new President’s transformation of America, (or those informed and concerned with the long term impact of what he is doing) I thought you’d enjoy a humorous look at what experts are predicting as the Obamamobile of the future! GM’s New Signature Car! “The new GM (Government Motors) proudly introduces the 2010 Obama! This car runs on hot air and broken promises. It has three wheels that speed the vehicle through nauseating left turns.  It comes complete with two Teleprompters programmed to help the occupants talk their way out of any taxes. The transparent canopy reveals the naive smiles still on the faces of all the happy owners.” (shamelessly copied from an e-mail forward) Hope you enjoyed the laugh. Don’t take it too seriously people, but do think seriously about the impact of one president spending more in 100 days than ALL previous presidents combined. You can’t blame that on your predecessor.

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