Timber-lee 2009

Hard to believe it’s been TEN YEARS that I’ve been speaking at Camp Timber-lee – since 1999. While I’ve taken a few summers off, I’ve made up for it by speaking several weeks during a few of the summers, so I’ve spoken here at least ten times, if not more. Every time is an awesome experience! I leave every year praying I’ll be invited back! I just love the kids here and their eagerness to learn and the energy with which they soak up the teaching. I try to make the Chapels as fun and life-changing as possible. What a gift to get to creatively open the Word every morning and evening for an entire week!

If you are a camper or camper parent, ToyBoxTales.com is the site your kids are probably looking for, though you are welcome to follow my blog as well!

Here are some photo highlights from Timber-lee 2009:

Happy Campers! Mom and Luke!

Luke, me and Tricia!

This year was extra special because it was the first year for my neice and nephew to come to camp! I got to hang out with Parker when he did the High Ropes:

Parker ready to climb!

Parker leaving the earth behind him! (well, below him anyway)

While this was Luke’s third time to camp, it was the first where he could really enjoy it, and we so loved letting him roam and explore!

Luke out discovering God’s Big World!

Snacks on a boat!

Mountain Climbing!

Cookies with Dad

Finding a wheel bigger than you!

Getting to pet animals.

and throwing leaves!


Playing in the dirt!

See the mud, Mom!?!

Oh, and meeting a sweet girl named Emily… oh boy, camp crushes already!

Well, time for me to go enjoy the final dinner and evening chapel with camp fire! If you have kids, you should REALLY consider Camp Timber-lee, no matter how far away you live from Easy Troy, Wisconsin!

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  1. Thanks for making the kids first camp experience one they will never forget. I think that it is neat that you, Sara, and Luke got to be part of their experience. I loved it too cause you guys could spy for me. LOL Can’t wait to hear all their stories and yours. It was fun to see you doing Chapel Sunday Night and Monday morning. You always me me proud.

  2. Sigh. That boy is just so cute. Mommy took over half these pictures, lest Karl get ALL the credit…he he. Normally I wouldn’t care, but I get the credit for the motorcycle in the dirt shots, because he made me stand there while he played for about 20 minutes. Ha. And I love his hand on Tricia’s cheek…so sweet, he loves his cousins.

  3. i go to camp timbr lee and i enjoyed pogi sounded a bit like yogi bear

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