Free Bible Curriculum? Are We Crazy? Doubly So!

Since 1994 has been the Internet’s leading and ever growing source of supplemental ideas for teaching children in the church. And while there is a LOT of curriculum in our Zones and for sale in our Store, we have never had a complete and comprehensive Bible curriculum available for our members. Until now.

Starting in January 2010, we will have not one, but TWO complete three year comprehensive Bible curricula on!

And are you ready for this? THEY ARE FREE.

One is free for Premium Members – that means for only $60 a year you’ll have access to a complete three year curriculum for your entire elementary education. Too expensive? The other is completely free for Kidology Basic Members. (Yeah, those who sign up for nada, zippo, zilch!)

Check them out:

cms_godspath0Discovering God’s Path: a wonderfully designed and visually appealing completely reproducible curriculum. Released quarterly on and downloadable for free for Kidology Premium Members or available in its entirety for purchase in our store. (January is already available with the rest of the first quarter of 2010 available next week!) Again, this curriculum will be free for Kidology Premium Members. It will be released online one quarter at a time. As long as your membership is active – you’ll be able to get the next quarter. Should you desire the entire curriculum (or a quarter not currently live) it will always be available in our store for purchase. However, while most curricula are released on a schedule, where can you get one for only $60 a year? (See complete details on Discovering God’s Path)

cms_opensource00Kidology Open Source Curriculum: Rich in content and extremely customizable, this complete three year curriculum will be unveiled in January and will be hosted in the Kidology Forums so that users can collaborate and share ideas and improvements to each lesson as a community of teachers to help the material continually grow and expand – always completely 100% for free! (Ideal for home school families!) Again, this Open Source Curriculum will be 100% free for Basic Members – no charge – no credit card – nothing. Just register on and you will have access to the lessons for use in your home, school or church. Adapt as you want. And if you make improvement (we hope you will!) come back and upload them for others to benefit from! That’s what Open Source is all about! (See complete details on Kidology Open Source Curriculum)

FINALLY, will have what our members have been asking for – a complete “cover to cover” Bible curricula, and not just one, but TWO! Whether you choose to follow one of these weekly or use them like you do the rest of the site, as a supplemental resource to enhance your educational ministry, we are please to add to our ever-growing website another rich resource for YOUR ministry!

Your Ministry Toolbox just got incredibly more powerful!

Why would we give all this away for free? Because we know the need is out there. Churches are struggling. Budgets are being cut. Home school families are needing solid Bible curriculum but not another expense. Bottom line, we wanted to give it away and we trust that God will honor this gift and continue to meet our needs. After all, that’s our mission.

OUR MISSION: To Equip and Encourage Those Who Minister to Children.

This is a Very Merry Christmas for – because we are so delighted to be able to provide these wonderful resources to those who minister to children.

godspath41smCan I give you another gift? Here is a download to the Discovering God’s Path Christmas Lesson: The Messiah is Born! (Available Only on my Blog!)

TERMS: You are welcome to use this lesson your local church ministry. It may not be re-posted or distributed in any way, it is copyrighted material and all rights are reserved. It is provided here only for your use in your local church ministry. By downloading this file you are agreeing to these terms. Thank you.

To download the file use this link: I have read, understand, and agree to these terms. (188kb)


It is our joy to make both of these Bible curricula free to churches and families in order to be a blessing during these difficult economic times. We hope that many will find this a financial relief and help as they seek to find creative ways to both save money while still laying a solid biblical foundation for their children.

However, providing these curriculums is obviously not free to If you would like to send a donation to Kidology during this holiday season, consider becoming a Kidology Champion or sending a gift via our donation page.


Got questions? You can discuss Discovering God’s Path or the Kidology Open Source curricula in the Kidology Forum. Let us know what you think there, or just leave me a blog comment below:

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  1. Karl,
    You have done it again!!! THANKS!! in our super tight economy this is a huge help to many of us in CM! I am grateful and will be using some of these great resources!!!


  2. I am glad the day has come where Kidology can bring this out and as usual be an incredible blessing to those who work with kids reardless of their church size, budgets and the such.

    I love Kidology!!!!

  3. Considering the big announcements that have recently come out in children’s ministries, This is the best yet. definitely going to check it out and use it in ministry. Thanks, Karl.

  4. Really cool news and thanks for sharing the Christmas lesson early!

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