I finally solved it, but can you?

I have had this framed poster hanging in my home or office for over TEN YEARS (I think much longer!) and have offered a cash reward for years to whoever was the first to “find the identical pen men” if only to solve it for me! I have starred at it and wasted much of my life wondering if it wasn’t a cruel joke.


And then tonight, I SOLVED IT!

I have used all kinds of systems. I have had post-it notes on it, going row by row. I have made photo copies and cut it up and tried sorting it. But I never finished any system. Then here, in my new house in Colorado, I hung it up in the restroom in the new Kidology office thinking there I might have more time to devote to this evil poster. (I know, TMI!) And today, I was in there patiently dealing with one of my Colorado bloody noses (I get those a lot here, part of my adapting to the altitude, and since I’m on blood thinning meds due to my heart episode, they take longer to stop… yeah, more TMI!) I was looking at this infernal poster and tried a new strategy…

If I was the artist, where would I put the two identical pen men?

and suddenly, I SAW THEM! Seriously! All these years of starring, and systems, and going row by row, and all I had to do was get into the mind of the artist, and voila! I solved it!

So…. can YOU find the two identical Pen Men? You can click on the photo for a larger view. Don’t put the answer in the comments (moron) but send me the answer (row and number from the left) via e-mail me or private message via FB or DM via twitter and the first person to tell me I will mail you a prize! Seriously, I will! I PROMISE, and it will be a GOOD PRIZE! I’m very generous.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Justin Brooks! Many tried, but he is the only person to send the correct answer, so he got his choice of a prize and chose a free copy of the Kidology Handbook! (A $60 value!) and it is IN THE MAIL!

What is the Kidology Handbook? CLICK THIS TO FIND OUT:

It’s the craziest video I ever made! The “back story” is I spent all day on a promo video that I had to trash because of a table saw in the background that I didn’t hear until I went to edit! My webmaster left on vacation with the Kidology newsletter  already cued and ready to go with a file name where I was to upload a video! So I had to head back to the Kidology headquarter after midnight to film… late, tired, wired on Dew, and desperate for a promo video… and this was the result! Turned out to be one of the best promo videos I’ve ever done. Last minute wackiness at its best! Order a Kidology Handbook Today. And just for reading this far, use the coupon code ‘penmen’ get $5 off your order, never expires! How’s that oh faithful blog readers! (Will work only on the handbook, once per e-mail address.)

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  1. Thanks for wanting to pass the madness off to us now, and it took you 10 years+.

  2. Well, several have contacted me with “solutions” but each have been wrong. A few have tried row 5, #7 and #8 but you’ll note that their pens are in opposite directions. Nice try, but it ain’t that easy. But don’t feel bad, it’s been driving me crazy for years. Guess I won’t be sending my REALLY NICE prize to anyone?????

  3. So far, I’ve had 5 different people contact me via FB, twitter DM and email, with different attempts. :o) Now I don’t feel so bad for having suffered so long all these years with this poster! And this is the LARGE penmen poster! I have another that is the same size with with LITTLE pen men… that one has like ten times more pen men!!! See, I’m being nice by posting the easy one!

  4. I sent you an email with THE answer! I really enjoyed that. I say send the one with 10x more men!

  5. Oh Karl, this is an awesome promo video! Sooo funny…it’s a classic..and no, I didn’t even try. It would give me a headache :O)

  6. I rlly rlly want you to tell me the answer because i have search and cannot find it. Can you post it on your website plz thank you


  8. Direct message me @Kidologist and I’ll DM you back the answer ;)

  9. hey dude i need help
    please tell me the answer

  10. Answer please to Penmen? My last kid will be 18 and we will no longer go to the pediatrician office after June. Would love to “act” like I figured it out. Promise to tell the truth after a week of bragging rights;)

  11. I emailed it to you ;)

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