If I Were a Morning Person

I wish I was a morning person like some people I know who are up before God every day by the time I roll out of bed, they are six to seven hour into their day. But there is no secret about it, I’m a night owl. I work best at night when there is no one around to bother, er, (let me rephrase that) interrupt me – and I thrive under pressure. I rarely go to bed before midnight. I still get a full night of sleep, I just get up eight hours later. I’ve always joked that my life verse is Proverbs 6:9:

“Allow no sleep to your eyes, no slumber to your eyelids.”

However, as all adults discover, this gets harder as you get older, especially since I can no longer drink Mountain Dew. (Yeah, haven’t had a clean crisp ice cold can of Dew since shortly after my heart episode. My heart meds make all soda taste disgusting, Root Beer is all I can drink in the bubbly category. But hey, I’ve lost weight!)

But I degress…

The point is, I WISH I was a morning person, because I WAS once upon a time. In high school. I used to get up early, go for a walk, read, sneak out for walks, read, study, do homework, and feel like I was half way through my day by the time I got to school. College life turned it all around, and I never adjusted back. I think not having a kid for fifteen years is part of the reason.

IF I WAS A MORNING PERSON, here is what I would do every morning: (I do these at other times of the day now, or never get to them)

  • Read my Bible and Pray
  • Read Oswald Chambers My Utmost For My Highest
  • Journal (Offline, by hand)
  • Blog (Online, yeah, here for you to read, or other sites like YS, TBT)
  • Read a chapter (or more) of a book
  • Jump over to the Kidology.org Forum and participate
  • Catch up on Facebook requests (accept friends, ignore ’causes’)
  • Read friends blogs or my Conservative Chronicle or Human Events

Are you a MORNING PERSON, NIGHT OWL, or NEITHER? Do you actually get everything done in-between?

TAKE MY POLL! or leave a comment below. (or both!)

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  1. I’m with you in not being a morning person, except I never really have been. Even when I go to bed early, I still tend to sleep as late as I would normally. I can get up early, but it just isn’t natural for me. I do envy morning people sometimes. My list would be very similar to yours if I did get up earlier every morning. I might add a nice cold glass of diet coke to the mix, but the list would be very similar.
    .-= Wayne Stocks´s last blog ..The Children’s Ministry Blog Patrol (February 2010) =-.

  2. I am a night owl and Catherine, my flat-mate and ministry partner, is up with the lark. We’ve shared accommodation for over 30 years and co-exist well!
    We work individually at hours that suit each of us and then get together when collaboration is needed. Doing household chores together and sharing a garden stops us being isolated from each other.
    We are both getting older now (61 and 68) so we pace ourselves more than in our early years. We have prayed for young, energetic and God-called people to take active roles in children’s ministry and it thrills us to see the kidmin community thriving online and off.
    It took me years – maybe decades – to stop feeling guilty about my sleep/work pattern. The work gets done and I usually get my 8 hours sleep. Now I feel comfortable with working in a routine that suits me.

  3. I used to be a night person and can still be to some extent. But now I fall asleep immediately (within one minute) and wake up 3.5 to 4.5 hours later. Sometimes I get up then and almost always stay up. It gives me a good amount of time in the Word and also prayer. This year I am trying to be more disciplined with praying regularly for a number of things, and this pattern has helped enormously. Years ago, when I was in the country of PNG God woke me at 4:30 through an earthquake (story another time) for a fantistic time in His presence and since then I have wanted to get up early, but did not seem to be able to do it until the last few years. I am still working at starting the journal thing, as I’m very haphazard at it. So I get anywhere from 4.5 hours to 6.5 hours sleep. If the shorter time, I sometimes need a nap somewhere along the way.

  4. I would also love to be a morning person. Whe we are away, I wake up early! Normally though, mrnings just start way to soon for me. Problem is, as I age, I am less of a night owl too, which means I have less hours to do things in!
    Discipline is the key to being a disciple and that is my cnstant challenge.

  5. If anyone calls me for a coherent conversation before 10 a.m. they will be sadly disappointed!!

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