Getting Started in Kids Ministry

Recently I got this comment on my blog on the YOU page, and wanted to answer her here on my blog for others to read as well:

Hello There!
I am Rachel. I am a children’s ministry major and a missions minor at central bible college in Springfield, MO. I have heard wonderful things about your website and your material. I am currently doing an internship and my pastor is having me subscribe to several blogs, yours now being one of them. I am planning on being a part of a church planting team in Seattle, WA next summer. I will be the kids pastor.

Any advice on how to get started from the ground up?

Well, Rachel – where to begin?! First of all, thanks for droppin’ by my blog and kuddos to your pastor for him having you subscribe to my blog! He is a wise and sage senior pastor! If you are not a member of my mega-site,, be sure to jump over there ASAP where you will find a wealth of help that has been growing since before there were any blogs! (since 1994) If you can’t afford the modest membership fee, note the scholarship link on the membership sign up page – we give the site free to anyone just for the asking. (especially students, missionaries and small churches) There will will find the largest collection of creative ideas, articles, curriculum and interactive help for children’s ministry anywhere on the Internet, plus an online store that features resources often found no where else, job center, resource directory, personal coaching, online training, and so much more. People often are hesitant at the membership fee failing to realize that it is ridiculously low for all that it grants access to. Many members report that several years into their membership they are still finding things worth the entire membership fee. (indeed there are two complete three year curriculums, one you don’t even have to be a paying member for – that’s how generous we are!)

But to speed you on your way – I’d recommend you check out these articles to get started:

First Steps for a New Children’s Pastor

The Great Kid Mission

First Things First

Shepherd or Sheepherder?

Then, I’d HIGHLY recommend you invest in Kidology’s Online Training. If you are a member, you can at least watch the Training Videos, but you should really consider the Download Kits for the full experience as you will get  a hefty training PDF that really goes into depth for each of the following topics. This will really lay a foundation for you that will be priceless:

Leadership Lab #1: First Things First

Leadership Lab #2: Visionary Leadership

Leadership Lab #3: Kid-Focused Ministry Foundations

Leadership Lab #4: Partnering with Parents

(Approach Featured in this CM Mag article)

Leadership Lab #5: Define, Refine and Shine

Lastly, my entire Philosophy of Ministry and Teacher Training materials are provided in this incredible resource: The Kidology Handbook This nearly 150 page resource is JAM PACKED with helpful training. I’ve lost track of how many children’s pastors have told me over the years this single book has served as their “blue print” for ministry. One of our board members, Dan Huffman, was a computer programmer turned children’s pastor, came to the first Kid U conference, picked up my very first Kidology Handbook spiral bound edition and said it was his manual for ministry in the beginning. Today he is one of those “Super CPs” who is training others. (Created Star of Christmas and founded Tadpole Tails) I’m proud the Kidology Handbook helped give him a solid start!

But don’t stop there!

While these resources and links will help – they are just the beginning! Be sure to use the Kidology Forum to ask specific questions as different situations come up in ministry. While there are many forums on the Internet in children’s ministry, and its great to use several, one of the strengths of Kidology’s is that you can subscribe to the threads you want or even entire forums –  and read the answers you get right in your e-mail without having to go back to the site to read them. That gives you extra control and saves you time.

And, here’s the best part. The forum is STAFFED by a team of experts that are there to help you! No question ever goes unanswered, and usually you’ll get multiple answers from a wide variety of people, often within hours, and always within days, both from our team and from other members just like you! Often I go to answer, and find that the questions have been answered already so well, there is no need for me to chime in! So even if you can’t find what you are looking for among the thousands of posts and articles already on Kidology – a custom answer will be provided by others, men and women from different nationalities and denominations, who share my passion for equipping and encouraging those who minister to children.

So how do you get started in Kids Ministry?

Get on! And get learning. But get on others sites too, they’ll all be linked on Kidology, especially in the CM BlogWatch Forum! Where the BEST of the blog world is featured each week! Read books, and check out the Kidology Book Reviews of the CM books that matter most. See? Kidology is just a huge help every time you turn around!

I’m glad you found my blog – I hope you’ll discover just how awesome is too! Too see me walk out on your computer screen and tell you about it, click here!

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  1. Rachel,

    You asked a great question, and now.. so many others will have a great answer! In case you think Karl is just trying to sell you on his website… well.. He is absolutely right, and he is understating in some cases.

    I am a devoted fan of Kidology, and I recommend it to everyone! I will look forward to seeing you in the forums – where every question.. gets an answer!

    Nicki Straza

  2. Thanks Nicki – the best thing about Kidology is that it’s no longer “my” website, its the website of the 20,000+ people who come to it daily and submit content to it and help each other. Its a community, think of it as a park in the middle of a busy CM City where everyone can meet and hang out and share ideas. I just built the playground!

  3. Enjoyed all the steps you lined up but I still would add one more. Kidology coaching! This is the one step that helps flesh out all of the other great steps that were mentioned. Tailor made, personal, with a ton of encouragement, mixed with specific targeted growth and accompanied with live follow up.

  4. I have to agree with Todd that Kidology Coaching maybe one of the most valuable tools you can put in you tool box as a CP at any stage whether you are beginning or seasoned. It has made such a huge difference in my life as well as my ministry to kids. I highly recommend Kidology Coaching. Since you will be on the west coast Barney Kinard would be ideal. (Todd is great too!)

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