Hello 2010 Timber-lee Campers!

Helloooooooo Campers!

Do you remember the first thing I said to at the beginning of the week? (How could you forget? I said it over and over, emphasizing a different word each time LOL)

“This week could forever change the path of your entire life.”

Well, I hope it did! I hope that as you listened to my lessons they weren’t “my lessons” but GOD’S and that you heard somethings that will make a difference – because a small difference now – over time – will end up being a huge change over the course of your life – the path of your LIFE WILL BE CHANGED! That’s why I love being a camp speaker, to have that opportunity to be used of God to maybe have that chance to help change the path of your life. Wow, it gives me goose-bumps! That’s for all your words of encouragement, drawings and shrinky-dinks!

We had a GREAT theme this year:

“Walk the Way” – and we studied how Joseph walked the “way” of his God no matter what happened… and it was a good thing, because God was workin’ an awesome and amazing plan for his life that he would have TOTALLY MISSED OUT ON if he at any point had decided to mope and complain and stop following God and trusting God. He kept his chin up with he was mistreated, falsely accused, and forgotten… because He knew that GOD would never mistreat him or forget Him and was working behind the scenes where he couldn’t see!

The same is true for you, remember Jeremiah 29:11?

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

but that promise is follow by a condition: (most people forget the next 2 verses)

“Then you will call on me (prayer!) and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

See, that promise of the awesome plan – it’s for those who WALK THE WAY, it’s not automatic for everyone… so I DO HOPE that the path of your life turned toward God this week! It will make a difference for the rest of your life, and just like for Joseph, for many others even after your life – those who will be impacted by your life. (That’s amazing to think about!!)

I had sooooo much fun meeting all of you, and miss you so much! If you want to e-mail me, you can by writing to me at karl [at] toyboxtales.com and I’ll get your e-mail! I know you are wanting to see that video of me on National News dressed as a Jedi, so here it is so you don’t have to hunt for it:

My YouTube Channel: YouTube.com/Kidologist

And remember, I didn’t dress up as a Jedi and confess my nerdiness to you for nothing – it was to teach you about the EPIC ELEMENTS of STORY! There are REASONS why all the Great Stories become so popular and make millions of dollars and it isn’t because of special effects, great acting or because so-and-so are in them. Movies with famous people in them flop, movies with awesome special effects flop, and movies with great acting flop. But movies and books with these EPIC ELEMENTS touch us deeply, and people flock to them. WHY? Because they trigger deep needs in us – something we all want. And the crazy thing is, most are made by non-Christians! They so often put their finger on our needs in movies, even better than Christian movie makers do. (But don’t get me going on that!)

Let’s review the EPIC ELEMENTS:

  1. Dangerous Journey (of Significance)
  2. Great Sacrifice (dying to save others)
  3. Ancient Book (or Order or Legend)
  4. Secret Power (or Language)
  5. Fellowship of Friends

And on Saturday morning at the Parent Rally, which some of you may miss, I added a 6th: A Guiding Spirit. Luke Skywalker in Star Wars had the ghostly spirit of  Ben (Obi-Won Kenobi) who would appear and guide him. In so many films and movies there is some spirit or ghost or presence that guides the main character – often only they can see or hear this person. We have a Guiding Spirit too! After Jesus left, He promised He would send a Guiding Spirit: His name is the Holy Spirit. (John 14:15-29)

See kids? Everything we long for – that makes it into all these movies, GOD HAS GIVEN US! We don’t want a boring life – God invites us into a Dangerous Journey – a life of adventure and significance of following him, a life of great importance and significant. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us, even when we didn’t care, know or deserve it. We HAVE an ancient book filled with answers, if we would only READ it! And we don’t need “The Force” – we have the Power of Prayer and can tap into God’s Power at any time, entering the Throne Room of the Creator of hte Universe!! And I hope you have a Fellowship of Friends who also know and love Jesus and will help you Walk the Way – if not, you need to work on forming your own small fellowship, you can’t Walk the Way alone.

I will be blogging on each of these in more detail in the weeks ahead – a summary of each of my lessons for my blog readers, so if you are more interested in this – just follow my blog!

Noduh, the Wise One had a great time being here this week and helping you learn the ways of the Lord so “powerful Christian you could become!” Remember,

“If powerful Christian you want to be, listen to wisdom from Noduh, that’s me!”

Here is a link to a NoDuh Video on Fasting you might enjoy. (28mb!)
(I have a whole series on Kidology.org that is part of a curriculum)

If you are interested in other stuff I have available for kids, here are some things to check out. My main website, Kidology.org, really isn’t for kids – its for other grown ups like me who love kids and teach kids, so you won’t find much there for you. BUT, you will like www.toyboxtales.com! There you will find over 100 videos I have made with toys that teach the Bible and are REALLY FUNNY! I made them in my kids church and they are now shown in children’s churches all over America (and in some other places too). While people can buy DVDs, they are totally free to watch online, its like YouTube, you just click on them to play them. The newest ones are called Object Talks are from the curriculum I write for a publisher – talking objects teaching lessons about the Bible – but if you go through the links you will find the Toybox Tales, which are videos of talking toys telling stories. There is HOURS of fun to be had on that site!!

Also, if you didn’t get my book at camp – you can check out the website about it here: www.orderoftheancient.com for info on it or order it here on Kidology.org

Well, Luke had a great time “hanging out” at camp – thanks to everyone who was so nice to him, helpful, gave him little treats and made him little gifts – you truly made camp special for him. One counselor bought him a sucker and taught him to play Torpedo Ball and was so patient and kind, and as Sara (my wife) and Luke walked back to the cabin, Luke looked up at her and said, “Mommy, I think that guy really really loved me. I could tell.”

That’s what Camp Timber-lee is all about – sharing God’s Love with kids, whether they are campers or just the speaker’s kid. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at camp for doing a super job, week in and week out, all year around! You Rock!

I’m always a little bummed and sad when another year of my week at Timber-lee comes to an end, I’ve been speaking here almost every year since 1997! Most of the kids’ speakers are my friends I helped recruit – I just love this place.

But campers – it is YOU GUYS AND GALS I miss the most each year. I asked this year if any campers were born in 1997, the year I started speaking here (or after), and a bunch of hands went up! (I about fell over!) And then some kids yelled out, “Will you be here for my kids?” I was floored. All I could say is, “I sure hope so!” (and added on some humor about my cane and false teeth by then!)

Oh, and in conclusion, we can’t forget the BUTTERFLY INCIDENT can we?! Here is the picture I took with my iPhone in the middle of chapel when that butterfly descended upon on my head and I took this picture when he wouldn’t leave!! AND THEN – when he did fly off, he came back!! I’m still working on the spiritual meaning of a butterfly landing on your head, flying away and returning to your head while you are teaching! Too bad Joseph isn’t around to interpret that for us, huh? But it was pretty cool!

I hope to see you again someday. As the saying goes, Christians never say goodbye, they only say,

“See ya later! Here, there, or in the Air!”

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  1. Ah kids’ camp. I could eat this up with a spoon! Wish I had the abilities to do this.

    Blessings to you Karl and the kids who grew closer to the Lord this week.

  2. Pasture karl YOU ARE AWESOME i hope youll be my speaker again next year… may the force be with you (always) cya later here there or in the air!!!

  3. hay Karl i was one of the campers of the week of July 11- July 17 i  was the one that keeped asking you about doing twilight q’s; the one they sang happy b-day to, sat July 17 is my b-day oh and i bought your book order of the ancient so far its really good oh; even my bro wants to read it oh and are you making another one of these books?

  4. hi carl i was one of the campers from 11th to 17th another movie with a great sacrafice is percy jackson and the lighning thief. his mom did it. i bought your book. noduh was funny.

  5. Hi Pastor Karl,

    I was one of the campers at Timber-Lee this past week. I was thinking about you talking about adventure on my way home when we stopped at Cherryvale Mall for lunch. We went to Panda Express (our favorite Chinese food). Right before we left I saw the fortune cookie. I opened it and this was the fortune inside… YOU WILL SOON FIND NEW ADVENTURE IN LIFE… I was amazed! I showed my mom and she was amazed too! Wow! What God does to show us a point!

    God Bless,

    P.S. – I saw the video of you on CBS News. You were so funny!

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