Christmas and Thanksgiving Quality Time

This is what my wife sent me in my e-mail today… (its me and my dad)

Little does she know, we were texting plans to each other on ways we could bless our wives during this holiday season! We couldn’t talk lest they overhear us! Really!

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  1. that’s awesome.

  2. It was quality time if you were texting each other.

  3. Barbara Bastian Neiger

    works for me!!

  4. My wife would have beaned me w/my phone! That’s cool your dad does tech well, wish mine did.

  5. He’s doing better every day!

  6. I would leave a witty and sage comment but I am laughing too hard. LOL. Too funny.

  7. It reminds me of the time the 3 of us (you, your wife, and myself) were eating at the red robin.

  8. YEAH! Somehow, the fact that SHE took these pictures on HER iPhone doesn’t count, huh??

  9. This is sooooooooo funny! Rather paradoxical – I can’t decide whether to praise or scold you!!!

  10. I did NOT take these on my phone! After I uploaded my camera pics I found these.

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