Help Wanted: Workers or Volunteers?

On right now there is a discussion right now titled Alternative Names for Volunteers, and folks are discussing what we can call those who staff our kids ministry besides “Volunteers” because that word can often not capture the commitment we are seeking to have. The word “worker” came up, and it reminded me of something funny from my college days.

Me and Gus on a PCM

As a Moody Bible Institute student, I always got a kick out of the evolution of the weekly volunteer “PCM” requirement. It stood for Practical Christian Ministry assignment. My ‘kick’ wasn’t that it was a bad thing or required, while lots of students complained, I loved it and learned a lot as they required a wide variety of assignments over the course of your college experience.

What I thought was a little funny was that when my parents attended MBI in the 60’s it was a PCW assignment: Practical Christian Work assignment. Over the years Moody dropped the unattractive word ‘work’ for the more appealing ‘ministry.’ Now, I could just as easily defend the change and see the benefits of the word “ministry” over “work, BUT we ARE called to WORK for the Lord!

I just think we sometimes soften too much what we expect of volunteers and the way many students treated their PCMs, perhaps Moody should consider returning to calling them PCWs. (Though the student might revolt! LOL)

Maybe WE need to call volunteers to WORK in the children’s ministry too?

Just a thought.

What do YOU think? Comment below, or in the forum.

And just for fun, since I went digging for MBI pics… my other assignment while in college… to find a wife…

Practical Christian Dating at MBI ;)

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