A Dads iPhone Camera Roll Tells It All

Being the Dad Today is something I am passionate about! I am all to aware that these days are precious and fleeting and I want to make the most of them.

There is an old saying that you can tell what’s important to someone by looking at their date book and their checkbook. Well, I think that saying needs to be updated to the modern world to be, “You can tell what’s important to someone by looking at their iPhone camera roll.”

Just glancing through mine and you can see what I’ve been up to.

We went to the local carnival this week, just Daddy and Boy and had a blast. (Well, my wallet didn’t but that’s a separate issue!)

We also enrolled in Swim Class. I’m not very impressed with the place – I was hoping they were going to push him a little further than Dad has, so far – blowing bubbles in the water is about all they have done… Dad is working on patience as he watches through the glass as they do stuff I’ve done with him for years… hopefully in the next week they’ll teach him something new and I’ll get my money’s worth, BUT at least he is having some fun.

We love to go for walks around the neighborhood. We have gotten to explore a few houses being built – and recently one that is ALL DONE was left unlocked for contractors doing final touches, so we were able to take off our shoes and walk through one we had seen when it was just framed. It was very cool to see it all done when we had seen it in several stages. I just hope we don’t meet the owners and Luke doesn’t say, “We have been in your house a bunch of times!”

We are learning the bike right now, and if we miss a day of evening bike rides (with Dad actually walking along side) Luke is disappointed. I have plans for a whole article comparing learning a bike to launching a new children’s ministry as I have thought of many parallels during this process. But it has been a very neat process to watch him overcome his fear from an early negative experience that had put off the bike to his growing skill and confidence. He is now eager for the time when the training wheels will come off.

And meals out with Dad are always a treat. Watching cars, airplanes and people are fun. He is so observant. And I marvel at his tender spirit, curious mind, and polite nature.

This week, I’ll be my sons coach and the Bible Story teacher for our sports camp at church – looking forward to that a lot.

But the best is always bedtime… the stories… the cuddling… the hiding from mom to delay the inevitable… the serious talks… the hiding in the closet and coming out with a new ‘monster’ costume on… last night I came out dressed as Mega Man! And then, of course, he had to try it on:

My work keeps my pretty busy – but never too busy for my boy. I’ll always have my work – but I won’t always have a little boy.

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  1. Great pictures. I too have my phone full of pictures of my 3 kiddos and my wonderful wife as they are all extremely important to me.

    I thank God all the time for them all.

  2. I have pics of my wife as well on my iPhone, however, she requires permission before I post any pictures of her online. Luke, has no such requirements. ;)

  3. I love all the pics, especially the one of him in his swim goggle and on his bike. You could sign him up for a kid triathlon when he gets better at swimming. You know when you post pics of him swimming and biking his triathlete Auntie has to mention tris. :) You are a great dad and I love seeing all the adventures you are having with Lukey. He is one blessed kid.

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