Step Aside, and Let God Recruit

Got a great e-mail today – one of those that says it better than I can.

Pastor Karl,

I recently was granted a Kidology scholarship and I am SO thankful. It would take a book to explain my situation but I am sure you have heard it all before… a struggling Children’s Ministry without a Minister so a member takes the task on and is just overwhelmed.

When I opened my email from Rachel (customer support) stating I had the Premium Membership there was a mention of this “Leadership Labs” series that was suggested I try out. I started the “First Things First” lab and had to pause the video after the first homework assignment. Can we say a gut check? I immediately started crying out to God and apologizing for making this MY task and MY service. I turned everything over to Him and asked Him to take care of everything. “Just show me what you want me to do,” I pleaded. I was in tears before our talk was over. That night I slept better than I had slept in weeks! I was actually planning on sleeping in the next morning, but the phone woke me up. On the other line was an older woman from our congregation. She explained that she just felt led to offer to be a volunteer with our kids (something we have REALLY struggled with). I was amazed. Here was a woman who was completely able to help, but that I never would have thought of to ask. I hung up the phone pretty much in shock, but immediately comforted in an assurance that He would indeed take care of everything — if I would just step back and let Him. Thank you for the gut check I needed it.


As I have written about many times, such as in my article, Give It Back to God, it is His Ministry, not yours. So give Him a chance!

Thanks, Amber for the encouraging note, you made my day, week… month! And I hope through this post encouraged many others as well!

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  1. It is always great to hear those type of life experiances as a reminder of whose ministries we are all really working in and for who.

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