Luke’s Great Pumpkin

Thanks to winning a boxed set of the Charlie Brown Holiday specials from Steve Tanner at a past Kidology Christmas Party White Elephant gift – Luke is now hooked on “The Great Pumpkin,” and watching it over and over!

He loves the opening scene when Lucy “kills” the pumpkin, so when we stopped on our Daddy/Son day to pick out a “Great Pumpkin” he said, “we must get a big one to kill.”

Here he is ready to begin the slaughter of our very own Great Pumpkin!

The fatal stab is struck and alas, the Gret Pumpkin is dead.

About to open up the pumpkin and see the inside of the head and the  “brains!”

Luke thinks the “brains” of the Great Pumpkin are pretty gross! Especially, when I tell him we need to reach in and pull them all out!

But, he does like the smell! LOL

The “brains!” Looking tasty!

Carving “The Great Pumpkin!” Daddy did most of this part, (of course!), but Luke drew what he wanted on the pumpkin with pencil and daddy followed it on the pumpkin pretty closely.

The Great Pumpkin and the Great Kid!

Putting a light inside the Great Pumpkin!

Now it’s time to bake the seeds!

The day ended when Mommy called to say good night and Lukey was able to tell her about our day and introduce her to The Great Pumpkin out on the front porch!

(Don’t miss reading out our hike to Castlewood Canyon earlier in the day!

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  1. Great Pumpkin Luke!!!! (and Karl) My facebook page has my muppet pumpkin from last year!

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