Kidmin Toolkit – WINNER and LIST!

You may remember awhile back, I did a post called Kidmin Toolkit, and it got WAY over 50 comments and a lot of interaction! It was a lot of fun!

Well, it took awhile to compile all the responses and pick a WINNER – but that original post has been UPDATED with both the winner and PDFs and WORD documents with all the submissions in a list, so you can compile your very own Kidmin Toolkit and BE READY for the next time you suddenly get called to go teach or serve and have no time to plan or pack or prepare – just grab your Kidmin Toolkit and GO!

GO THERE NOW – to see WHO WON, and download the TOOLKIT LISTS!

Leave your NEW COMMENTS HERE, rather then there. I’m especially interested in whether anyone actually creates their Kidmin Toolkit. If you do, send me a picture and I will post it here in this thread! E-mail to karl at as I will probably end up talking about this on KidminTalk soon!


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One Comment:

  1. Wow! What a great bunch of ideas! After carrying mine for several years I’m pretty happy with what is in there! The only thing I’m adding is my new IPad that I got the first week of January! It does replace my Bible and can be a lot of fun too!

    The only thing I wouldn’t take from the winner’s list is the one or two reams of paper! That can be pretty heavy to carry through the airport for me! :0)

    Fun Contest!

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